Studies Show Better Health And Quality Of Life For People Who Practice Tai Chi

Stress has become a profoundly indelible part of our daily life in our present fast paced ever changing world. It’s becoming a gradually increasing common ailment affecting people at some point in their lives. All people have to cope with stress, as their day seem like a never-ending barrage of… Continue reading

How Tai Chi Can Ease The Symptoms Of Fibromyalgia

Little is known about fibromyalgia particularly its exact underlying causes which make it pretty difficult to treat. One vital component of virtually all forms of chronic pain plans of treatment is exercise and fibromyalgia is no exception. Exercise, for fibromyalgia sufferers, may seem dangerous or impossible. The body uses pain… Continue reading

The Importance Of Proper Body Alignment In Tai Chi

Alignment of the body pertains to the manner things are positioned internally. In Tai Chi, you learn to be aware of the alignment of your body and acquire optimal body alignment for whatever activity you’re doing at that time which is either in battle conditions or otherwise. Through the proper… Continue reading

Yoga And Tai Chi For Longer Living And A Healthy Life

For most people, dealing with stress on a daily basis can bring out the worst in them; fortunately, we have the ability and the tools to lower our stress levels in several ways. Indulging in some form of physical exertion is the healthiest way to lower stress levels and enhance… Continue reading

Boosting Your Mental And Physical Health With Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an internal art of defense that can be gentle and soft. It may and ought to be practiced in a smooth slow way for people of all ages. Nowadays, especially, in China and the West, people past the age of 50 are taking up tai chi while… Continue reading

A Few Basic Tai Chi Exercises For Just A Few Weeks Can Help Prevent The Elderly From Falling

Children fall down all the time, but they immediately get up and throw themselves right back into what they were doing sometimes in even more reckless abandon. However, as people age, falling down can become potentially dangerous and at times even deadly. A neurological specialist working at the University of… Continue reading

Qi Gong And Essence Tai Chi Help Eliminate Blockages In The Body

There is an old Chinese wisdom that says, “A person is free from disease when life energy (Chi) freely moves along the meridians; when this flow is obstructed pain eventually follows.” In Chinese medicine, the smooth unobstructed flow of chi is a fundamental aspect of this system and reflects the… Continue reading

The Benefits That Tai Chi Has To Offer

One of the most wonderful things to sit and take notice of is to observe a practitioner of Tai Chi undergo a sequence of graceful, relaxed, and slow movements (which are also known as postures or forms). Observing one, as he/she moves in a slow controlled flow and hypnotic-like movement… Continue reading

Things You Need To Know About Tai Chi

Tai Chi is originally patterned on the graceful, fluid, movements and actions of birds and animals. It is globally recognized as a way to improve overall coordination, balance, and agility and to alleviate stress. Sometimes, it is described as being comparable to “meditation in motion”, and certainly the gentle motions… Continue reading

Correct Tai Chi Practices For The Health Of The Spine

While most individuals realize that Tai Chi has health benefits, few are aware of how exactly this healing art is good for you. Initially meant to be a form of martial art, ‘Tai Chi Chuan’ is a phrase that means “grand ultimate fist” in Chinese. It was only in the… Continue reading