Eliminating Heat And Dampness With Chinese Yoga

Chinese yoga is qi gong, which is a very effective way of eliminating heat and dampness during the season of summer. In Chinese medicine, heat and dampness are considered external pathogens that can cause health conditions like digestive disorders, anxiety, depression, severe inflammation, chronic fatigue, and excessive weight. What are… Continue reading

The Ancient Healing Technique Of Gua Sha

The ancient healing technique of Gua Sha has been used by many practitioners and therapists of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). A lubricating medium, such as massage oil is used in this technique. The oil is applied on the treatment site on the skin. Then, the acupuncturist uses a smooth-edged tool… Continue reading

Chinese Food Tips That Can Help Treat And Prevent Eczema

For children and adults, eczema can make life miserable with its thick, dry, red, dry, and scaly constantly itching skin. For a lot of individuals, eczema can be set off by an allergic reaction to certain foods and the symptoms can only be alleviated by avoiding these foods. Chinese nutritional… Continue reading

Study Shows Moxibustion Is Better Than Acupuncture In The Treatment Of Yin Deficient-Acne

Both moxibustion and acupuncture in Overland Park are effective acne treatment modalities. In a clinical trial conducted by Chinese researchers, the efficacy of moxibustion and acupuncture for the treatment of acne related to internal heat with yin deficiency was determined. While both therapies led to positive results, it was seen… Continue reading

Chi Kung Or Qigong Is All About Simplicity And Effectiveness

If you just want to live a healthier and better life or are suffering from an illness or getting old, then chi kung for vitality and health is an ideal way to attain these objectives. For most practitioners, Chi kung is a very easy and pleasant exercises that never gets… Continue reading

Tai Chi Is A Great Way To Prevent Or Treat Many Types Of Health Problems

A light and easy form of exercise, Tai chi is a form of Chinese medicine that helps promote and/or maintain balance, flexibility, and strength, and could be the most ideal activity for your health and wellbeing that you can do for the rest of your life. This type of exercise… Continue reading

Chinese Herbs Can Cure Infertility and Help You Conceive A Child

When it comes to overall health, the Chinese people have a very interesting way of looking at it. For them, a well-balanced body not only results in a calm and relaxed state of mind but also generates positive and healthy body functionality. This health functionality also pertains to the ovaries…. Continue reading

Whole-Body Breathing And The Physical And Etheric Body

At the core of Eastern practices (Buddhist meditation and yoga) and Taoist healing arts is breathing. Proper breathing techniques are important factors for success in tennis, football, swimming, running and other Western athletic sports. Whole-body breathing can increase your body consciousness, enhance your health, and help make you feel more… Continue reading

The Benefits Of Gua Sha Facial And Feet Massage

Gua Sha Facial Massage Some therapists have devised Facial and Feet Massage techniques using an ancient Chinese massage procedure called Gua Sha. Gua Sha massage therapy applied on the face can be an ideal way to tonify vigor and stimulate the flow of blood to the face, cleanse the bodily… Continue reading

What Is Anmo Gong And What Is It Used For?

Very few people have ever heard of Anmo gong. In Chinese medicine, anmo means massage while gong somewhat means “practice” or “work.” Anmo gong is one of Chinese medicine’s most effective ways of health maintenance and self-cultivation. It is the practice of self-massage. Amno gong is sometimes called “do-in” in… Continue reading