Problems Affecting The Kidney Yang Of The Body

The basis of the yang qi of the entire body is the Kidney yang, also referred to as primordial yang. It promotes and warms the functions of the tissues and organs. According to TCM or traditional Chinese medicine in Linwood, the kidney is the organ of the body wherein a… Continue reading

Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Help Prevent Breast Cancer And Relieve Its Symptoms

In our modern world, the great leaps in technology have led to a significant improvement in the prevention of breast cancer now more than ever. One alternative way that’s seriously considered to reduce the recurrence, side effects, or pain of breast cancer after highly invasive treatments like radiation therapy, chemotherapy,… Continue reading

Things You Need To Know About Tai Chi

Tai Chi is originally patterned on the graceful, fluid, movements and actions of birds and animals. It is globally recognized as a way to improve overall coordination, balance, and agility and to alleviate stress. Sometimes, it is described as being comparable to “meditation in motion”, and certainly the gentle motions… Continue reading

Correct Tai Chi Practices For The Health Of The Spine

While most individuals realize that Tai Chi has health benefits, few are aware of how exactly this healing art is good for you. Initially meant to be a form of martial art, ‘Tai Chi Chuan’ is a phrase that means “grand ultimate fist” in Chinese. It was only in the… Continue reading

Deep Breathing Exercises To Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Diaphragmatic breathing, more commonly known as deep breathing, is a basic way of breathing to help one feel relaxed or lower one’s levels of stress. Diaphragmatic deep breathing is one means to leave tension behind, which can put a lock on both the body and mind. Diaphragmatic deep breathing is… Continue reading