Deep Breathing Exercises To Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Diaphragmatic breathing, more commonly known as deep breathing, is a basic way of breathing to help one feel relaxed or lower one’s levels of stress. Diaphragmatic deep breathing is one means to leave tension behind, which can put a lock on both the body and mind. Diaphragmatic deep breathing is when you breathe not through your upper chest but through your diaphragm. When you are in the midst of stressful situations, your breathing is likely to get shorter and may at times feel as if you’re running out of breath. When you’re faced with such a situation, breathing through your diaphragm can be an ideal way to gain back control of your stress and emotions.

To avoid or overcome panic and stress attacks, there are several deep breathing exercises that you can perform. One is to lie on the floor or bed on your back and breathe through your diaphragm. Then try bending your knees at the same time to keep your muscles relaxed. You need to relax your back and keep it straight throughout the exercise. For added comfort, you can put a small pillow on your back. Breathe in through your nose, hold the breath, and then slowly breathe out.

It is essential to do deep breathing exercises before undertaking any anxiety filled event like making a college speech or going to an important business meeting. When you breathe properly, you are totally preparing yourself for any kind of situation or event. It can help you keep calm and help you to deliver with increased confidence. In order to get the best results, people need to exercise on a daily basis which they usually tend to forget. In order to know exactly when to do the exercise, make a schedule setting aside a few minutes of your time each, day to perform proper breathing. It’s just like allowing some precious time to eat a meal or to sleep. This will ensure that you’ll always be reminded to exercise each day.

When they feel negative emotions such as grief, anxiety, or anger starting to take over their body and mind, some people have found out that doing breathing exercises for at least ten times, can cause their emotions to calm down. While doing the exercise, they would start to find the situation not being as bad as they seemed to be before the exercise. Whenever you breathe out, you would be allowing all the negativity to escape from inside your mind and body leading to a more controlled situation.

When they are in a scary situation, people unknowingly suppress their breath. This is actually a bad thing because it causes the thing or situation they are scared of to get trapped in their mind which makes it very difficult to transform those negative emotions into positive ones. So, whenever you suppress your breath, you trap stress and anxiety in your mind and body. Now that you understand that proper breathing techniques can help you change the way you feel about anything or any situation, you’ll be able to use deep breathing exercises to help you let go of stress, anxiety, and fear from your life.

The chemistry of your body and emotions has a special relationship with each other. Change happening in one would bring about a corresponding change in the other. Some people have discovered that the way they breathe can establish their time to get healed. During ancient times, people figured out that when they breathed deeply they healed more quickly. Chinese medicine techniques such as acupuncture also come with proper breathing techniques that augment the efficacy of the therapy.

One can also learn the proper way of breathing by practicing passive exercises like Tai Chi or Yoga that make use of breathing techniques to help you get going. With the right breathing methods, people can get into perfect shape and can even lose weight.

There are several approaches to proper breathing, but the common thing about them is that they follow the same breathing in and breathing out techniques. These exercises are easy to learn and can be practiced by anyone every day. It’s a good idea to share this knowledge with family and friends so they can also enjoy the physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual benefits that deep breathing can bring. As education and awareness is spreading across the world, people are realizing the proper way to breathe. No one needs to go to a doctor again to treat anxiety or stress if they just know how to use these techniques correctly. Deep breathing is really a natural and magical way to stay energetic, healthy and free from tension and stress.

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