Cupping of All Forms Work Well In The Treatment Of Several Conditions

One of natural medicine’s most effective tools for relieving pain is an ancient healing tradition known as Cupping or fire-cupping. Besides pain, this form of therapy uses therapeutic cups to treat injured areas, detoxify the body, boost circulation, and bring about myofascial relief. If you want to improve your circulation,… Continue reading

Traditional Chinese Medicine And Insomnia

Nowadays, more and more doctors and people prefer natural sleeping aids because of their effectiveness and more importantly because of their safety. There have no known negative side effects, and if there are, these side effects are easily reversible. These sleeping aids are mostly derived from herbal plants and medicines… Continue reading

Improve Health And Well Being By Performing Traditional Chinese Daily Exercise Workouts

A holistic traditional Chinese in Jacksonville daily exercise workout is comprised of techniques and exercises that will benefit your spirit, mind, and body. Why is holistic exercising necessary? While it is desirable and beneficial to have a flexible, toned, and strong body, if you have no control over your emotions… Continue reading

The Relevance Of Gua Sha Therapy In Today’s Toxic Environment

Gua sha therapy or scraping therapy has a very long history. In 1337, a physician of the Yuan Dynasty named Wei Yi lin wrote a document called, “In Effective Formulas Handed Down for Generations.” The document says, “Scrape the surface of the wrist, knee, elbow, and neck with wet hemp… Continue reading