Deep Breathing Exercises To Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Diaphragmatic breathing, more commonly known as deep breathing, is a basic way of breathing to help one feel relaxed or lower one’s levels of stress. Diaphragmatic deep breathing is one means to leave tension behind, which can put a lock on both the body and mind. Diaphragmatic deep breathing is… Continue reading

How Auricular Acupuncture Works

Although allopathic medicine is the mainstream treatment used by most people around the globe due to its numerous benefits, other more ancient therapies also exist that are practiced in many parts of the world to maintain the health of the human body. Same as the forms of ancient Chinese medicine… Continue reading

Studies Have Proven Beyond Doubt That Acupuncture Does Treat Anxiety

One may think acupuncture is only for new age people and tin foil hat conspiracy theorists who don’t trust Western medicine but a growing number of scientific research actually shows that acupuncture can treat a condition that affects everyone on some occasions: anxiety. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association… Continue reading

Relieving Anxiety Symptoms By Means of Acupuncture

An anxious person is one who feels worried, uneasy, or overwhelmed. In Western medicine, there are quite a few different names for this emotional condition and all have parallels to each other. The Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety are: • A feeling of not being able to breathe properly •… Continue reading

As a Main or Adjunctive Treatment for Anxiety Acupuncture Has Been Proven to Work

Part of a medical system known as TCM or traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is a practice that has been around for thousands of years and it involves the use of sterilized filiform needles inserted at certain regions of the body. The treatment is often used to modify the circulation of… Continue reading

Acupuncture can be an incredibly effective modality if you are suffering from severe and/or chronic anxiety.

Do you often feel overwhelmed and that your life seems to be out of control? Has anxiety been plaguing you each and everyday of your life? Anxiety manifests itself in many forms: uneasiness and fear regarding future uncertainties, obsessive thinking, sweating and palpitations. Acupuncture can be an incredibly effective modality… Continue reading