The Importance Of The Five Elements In Chinese Medicine

This article briefly summarizes the complex relationships the various parts of our body have with each other. Compared to conventional Western medicine, Chinese Medicine is more superior in that it is holistic and searches for the underlying reason of a health issue. The Chinese Five elements theory is a mystical… Continue reading

The Importance Of Yin & Yang In Human Health

For, thousands of years, living a healthy lifestyle has been an inseparable aspect of Chinese culture. It is a culture that finds it roots in the profound levels of understanding and experience in practicing Chinese medical ideals and philosophy that permeate the human body. Chinese health is based on a… Continue reading

Massage Is An Affordable And Lovely Way To Spend An Hour

After a hard day of negotiations, veteran Chinese business travelers know that there’s no better cure for aches and stress than a robust and invigorating massage. Whilst your joints are being kneaded, there‚Äôs nothing more relaxing than sipping tea and rubbed by a muscular lady or a blind old man… Continue reading