Gua Sha Therapy An Ideal Way To Detoxify And Relieve Muscle Soreness

TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine has seen a steady rise in popularity in the past decade. Most of us have heard and are familiar with acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and Chinese reflexology, but only a few have ever heard of a healing practice known as “gua sha.” This ancient technique… Continue reading

Chinese Nutritional Therapy’s Commonsensical Approach To Illness

Just like medicinal herbs, Chinese nutritional medicine has been used for thousands of years as a way to better a person’s health. Foods were used as treatment modalities to prevent and heal disease. They are keys to the continuance and preservation of human life. Chinese nutritional medicine provides us with… Continue reading

The Modern Medicinal Applications of Auriculotherapy and Herbal Medicine

Ear acupuncture or auriculotherapy is a type of Chinese medicine that’s based on the sticking of few or several needles in the outer ear or auricle. Its origins date back to classical antiquity to the people of the Mediterranean. The father of Western medicine, Hippocrates, stated that the superficial lacerations… Continue reading

The Consequences of Blood Deficiency Among Girls and Women In Reproductive Age

In their early woman life, girls in South East Asian girls have learned from grandmotherly wisdom to not engage in any activity that will lead to a disturbance in their regular period. According to traditional Chinese medicine, if not addressed early, menstrual disorder can lead to a wide range of… Continue reading