Sexual Dysfunction Coping and Support

Dealing with Male Sexual Dysfunction If you are suffering from one type of male sexual dysfunction (MSD), the best way to start addressing it is to know more about your problem and not to think that it is a permanent untreatable condition. A sex therapist can assist you to get… Continue reading

Sinusitis Preparing for Your Appointment

When you come in for your appointment, the doctor will need to vigorously evaluate your sinuses. He may likewise examine your throat, nose, ears and eyes.  He may also ask you pertinent questions regarding your symptoms and it is best to answer them as truthfully as possible. Your doctor may… Continue reading

Dandruff Tests and Diagnosis

Very rarely does dandruff entail any diagnosing since its symptoms are quite obvious and universally known.  These are symptoms of white dry flakes in your hair and scalp. Seborrheic Dermatitis You may need to consult with your doctor if suspect you might be suffering from seborrheic  dermatitis. The doctor can… Continue reading

Definition of Colitis

Colitis is defined as a condition characterized by colon inflammation. There are a number of factors known to cause colitis. These include: Autoimmune reactions Poor blood supply Infections The colon is part of the excretory system and is positioned along the stomach cavity. The colon is divided into a number… Continue reading

Heart Palpitations Complications

Syncope Syncope is more commonly known as fainting. It is a temporary loss of consciousness and can come as a result of pain, stress, over exhaustion or from suddenly getting up.  A person experiencing heart palpitations can see his blood pressure suddenly falling and this can also lead to syncope…. Continue reading