A Few Basic Tai Chi Exercises For Just A Few Weeks Can Help Prevent The Elderly From Falling

Children fall down all the time, but they immediately get up and throw themselves right back into what they were doing sometimes in even more reckless abandon. However, as people age, falling down can become potentially dangerous and at times even deadly. A neurological specialist working at the University of… Continue reading

A Modern Overview Of Chinese Cupping Therapy

Recently, there is growing evidence of the potential benefits of Chinese cupping therapy in Orlando for the treatment of pain-related infirmities. This article provides an overview of the practice of cupping therapy. In addition, this article recommends a new categorization of cupping therapy sets, a current categorization of the forms… Continue reading

Qi-Gong Cures Mental And Emotional Problems By Balancing And Unblocking The Flow Energy In Your Body

Chi Kung, more popularly known as Qi-gong is a combination of two words that mean: • Qi: vital energy breath, air • Gong: work The meaning of Qi-gong therefore is “working the vital energy”. Qi-gong practices involve visualization gentle body movements, and breathing techniques to activate the vital energy inside… Continue reading

Is There Such A Thing As “Good Food” In Chinese Medicine?

A good meal needs to have three important elements: Color (Se), fragrance or smell (Xiang) and flavor (Wei). Through the eyes, we see the color; through the nose, we smell the aroma; and through the mouth, we taste the flavor. Chinese sages during ancient times believe in this statement and… Continue reading

Foods That Help Keep The TCM Lung System Strong

When dermatological problems develop, they do so due to imbalances within the body brought about by poor diet/lifestyle, stress, and exposure to environmental toxins. As the largest organ of the body, the skin serves as an important barrier between our external and internal environments. According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM),… Continue reading

What Happens During A Gua Sha Therapy Session?

The first recorded texts pertaining to gua sha date to the Ming Dynasty era which is around seven centuries ago although historians believe the practice is much older than that, probably having been practiced since prehistoric times arguably because of the simple mechanical function of rubbing a sore area to… Continue reading

Traditional Chinese Medicine And The Elimination Of Damp And Cold In The Ear

TCM or traditional Chinese medicine in Miami (TCM) lies on the notion that everything is a mixture of opposites: yin (cleansing, cold,) and yang (building hot,), some of which we regulate through thoughts, the environment, diet sex,, exercise, etc. Swimmer’s ear or external otitis, affects the outer ear and is… Continue reading

There Is A Market For TCM Products Online

Whenever a person thinks of TCM or traditional Chinese medicine in Maitland, what immediately comes to mind is third world outdated type of medicine has no legitimacy or value in the modern world. However, there are experts who have come to the conclusion that there is real value to the… Continue reading

Acupuncture And Sleep Apnea

The ancient art of acupuncture is believed to have originated from ancient China approximately 2000 years ago. This therapy involves the use of fine miniaturized needles stuck at specific points on a person’s body for healing purposes or to alleviate pain. Widely deemed as an alternative treatment for apnea, acupuncture… Continue reading

The Efficacy And Safety Of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Cancer therapies are often as deadly as the disease itself. HIV patients face impending death in the hope that it will be painless and swift. Diabetics live off insulin tubes day by day which could be costly and painful. Yet, these are the treatments these patients continue to depend on… Continue reading