A Short Interesting Account of the History of Acupuncture

Relatively speaking, the multi millennial medicinal practice of acupuncture has experienced a spike in popularity fairly recently. In China, its popularity began way back as far as 4800 years ago. The Chinese has never relented in its love for acupuncture, not even after almost 5000 years. However, the exact origins… Continue reading

TCM Treatments That Can Help Relieve IBS Symptoms

Other than conventional western medicine, there are various options available for you if you wish to go for a natural treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). One such healing system is TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). As it is based in holistic medicine TCM is therefore a proper and complete diagnosis… Continue reading

Issues Plaguing TCM Treatments in the West

It may seem a bit odd to conduct studies to “prove” certain healing practices can provide certain health benefits even after they’ve been proven to work for several centuries. With TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), in general, and acupuncture, in particular, this seems to be the case. A meta-analysis evaluation encompasses… Continue reading

Integrating Eastern Medicine with Western Medicine is the Best Way of Treating Heart Disease

The Western Medical Viewpoint of Heart Disease In the United States, heart disease is the leading cause of disability among women and the number one killer of women, as well. Women in the US are five times more likely to die of heart disease than of breast cancer. This disease… Continue reading

Choose the Right Acupuncturist for Your Own Specific Needs

Pain is the number one issue against acupuncture treatment for a lot of people who have never tried the treatment. Well, that’s understandable since acupuncture does involve the insertion of needles into your skin. But for anyone who has had the pleasure of experiencing acupuncture in Cleveland, they would say… Continue reading

Bring Back Health And Balance into Your Life With Traditional Chinese Medicine

Across the United States, more and more people are turning to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) to help them overcome problems related to the modern way of life. As the workday lengthens and the pace of life quickens, personal time has become a luxury in one’s schedule. This time was previously… Continue reading

How GMO Foods Disrupt the Cycle of Qi, And Consequentially, The Health of A Person

The fundamental principles of Chinese medicine diagnosis are always the same; however, because of GMO foods, the nutrition information for this type of medicine has become antiquated. The changes that really should be done is to recognize some types of foods that are supposed to tonify the body are now… Continue reading

Proof Why Acupuncture is The Best Treatment for Drug Addiction

Valerie Wilkerson, a former New York crack addict admitted she would have never tried acupuncture had she not wanted her kids back. Despite constantly committing herself to rehab and giving birth to six children whom she adored, Wilkerson’s problem was that she just could not simply stop her habit. Her… Continue reading