TCM Treatments That Can Help Relieve IBS Symptoms

Other than conventional western medicine, there are various options available for you if you wish to go for a natural treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). One such healing system is TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

As it is based in holistic medicine TCM is therefore a proper and complete diagnosis involving an examination of various parts of your body, besides your stomach region. Your practitioner, for example, may observe your tongue to examine its fur or coating. He/she will analyze the coating to see if it is associated with any of the symptoms or even the underlying cause of your IBS. If so, your practitioner may tell you that your condition may be the result of excess heat accumulating within your body. If you exhibit various IBS symptoms, each symptom may indicate a different ailing part of your body. TCM believes that your body is not in balance when you experience discomfort or pain as in the symptoms for IBS.

Utilizing a number of different natural IBS treatment methods to rectify the imbalance, TCM can include Chinese herbal therapy that not only allays the IBS symptoms but addresses the underlying problem, as well. Your practitioner may prescribe certain herbs to aid the body in healing to alleviate specific symptoms. If you are experiencing bloating, for example, your practitioner may prescribe an herb that can help alleviate the bloating. Your practitioner will prescribe herbal remedies designed to cool your body, if he/she sees that you have signs of too much internal heat in your body systems.

A lot of TCM herbs are only indigenous to China. In the West, most of these plants can be bought in your local Chinese drugstore or any Asian food store. A qualified and skilled TCM practitioner should be well-versed in what herbs are needed for a particular symptom. Your practitioner needs to be sure that he/she only prescribes the ones specific for your condition as not all herbs for IBS treatment may be suitable.

Some herbal remedies may need to be taken a few times before some results can be seen. TCM does require time for healing to take place, as is the case for most natural treatments.

Another branch of TCM for the treatment of IBS is acupuncture. This unique and powerful form of Eastern healing has become quite popular in the West. It utilizes specific acupuncture points located in various parts of your body. For relieving painful bloating, acupoints in the stomach region are stuck with needles. The circulation of vital energy in the meridian system is believed to be obstructed leading to the development of the symptoms. Acupuncturists insert ultra fine needles, and then manipulate them in certain ways to remove the obstruction to the flow of energy. Acupuncture in Palm Harbor is an extremely effective way of treating IBS symptoms and its underlying cause.

Along with Chinese herbs and acupuncture, TCM has other therapies for IBS like passive exercises such as qigong and tai chi. These relaxation techniques can help relieve stress and calm your mind which improve your overall well being. Now that you know TCM can be a natural and really good treatment for IBS, you then need to get proper referrals in order to find a good and qualified TCM practitioner and get good results.

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