A Short Interesting Account of the History of Acupuncture

Relatively speaking, the multi millennial medicinal practice of acupuncture has experienced a spike in popularity fairly recently. In China, its popularity began way back as far as 4800 years ago.

The Chinese has never relented in its love for acupuncture, not even after almost 5000 years. However, the exact origins of this unique therapy are veiled by the years of time and it is a story lost in history, in several instances.

Recent archeological finds fortunately have opened a window of opportunity to understand how acupuncture was practiced in Japan and Korea during ancient times. The influence of acupuncture practice, from the very beginning, began to spread from its modest birth into a worldwide phenomenon.

We have ancient literature to be grateful for, particularly the ones revealing some of the history of acupuncture. A description of the techniques of acupuncture can be revealed in this literature. Various names written in different languages are used but they all give an account of the methods with striking similarities.

The document known as the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine (Wang Di Nei Jing) is probably the earliest text that documents the first use of acupuncture in medicine. It is about 4,700 year old. The Wang Di Nei Jing is also most likely the world’s oldest medical course book. The transcriber of the Wang Di Nei Jing is has been attributed to Shen Nung, who is also known as the father of Chinese Medicine. Some Chinese historians believe that Shen Nung might have even transcribed it from even more ancient theories. The father of Chinese Medicine knew about the theories regarding the heart, pulse, and circulation tens of hundreds of years earlier than Western medicine even had any concept of them.

Throughout the history of acupuncture, this mode of healing has had to continuously face skepticism. Yet, in spite of that, it is still growing in popularity and the methods used by its practitioners represent some of the most influential and important advances in medical techniques in medicine for thousands of years.

Acupuncture’s history has obviously showed us that the practice and skill of this alternative therapy has been greatly accepted in the Far East particularly in China and Japan. The people in these two great ancient states solidly believe in the efficacy of this treatment more so than Western society. In Europe, acupuncture has been practiced limitedly for hundreds of years. In the United States, it has been fairly popular since the early 1970s.

Acupuncture’s History Extends into the Modern Age

The loss of faith in alternative medicine is largely due to the advances in Western medical science. This “setback” also affected the progress of acupuncture. When you consider what acupuncture is, skepticism will come as no surprise. No one would imagine that a procedure in which razor thin needles inserted at certain points in the skin would lead to healing of the body. For a lot of people, this sounds bizarre! But in spite of all this, acupuncture can stand on its own against some of Western medicine’s most modern and latest techniques.

Internet has made the search for a licensed and qualified acupuncturist much simpler and easier. One can also open the local directory, scan the business pages, and phone a qualified practitioner. In just a few minutes, you are talking to a professional who will offer you a genuine way to relieve your pain and suffering. Even if modern medicine has failed you, your acupuncturist will find a way to free of your of your ailment.

The history of success of tradition over skepticism is the history of acupuncture.

Tammi A. Jones is a licensed acupuncturist in Palm Harbor, FL., practicing acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and Western medical pathology. She is also the founder of Synoma Wellness Centre.

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