Acupuncture for Palpitations

Patients coming in for acupuncture treatment for complaint of palpitations also report of sleeplessness that goes with the strong heart beats. Most of the time a deficiency of Blood and Heart Chi are the underlying causes of this condition. When the differential diagnosis shows indeed Blood and Heart Chi deficiency,… Continue reading

Acupuncture for PMS

For over 5000 years, Chinese acupuncture has been used to treat women’s health issues like PMS. PMS or Premenstrual syndrome is usually marked by chronic symptoms just before the actual menstrual cycle. The symptoms may include food cravings, changes in mood and the skin, cramping, discomfort and pain. Is there… Continue reading

Acupuncture for Dermatitis

Dermatitis literally means the inflammation of the skin and it can be caused by several factors like infection or allergy. Several kinds of dermatitis are more popularly known as eczema. Other types include dysfunctions of the sebaceous gland (known as seborrheic dermatitis), skin inflammation associated with an irritant or allergy… Continue reading

Acupuncture for Fatigue

Fatigue is a common symptom that manifests in a lot of various disorders, both physical and psychological. Western medicine is still unable to discover what really causes fatigue. With traditional Chinese medicine or TCM, diagnosing and treating this type of generalized problem is one of this modality’s strong points. The… Continue reading