Miami Acupuncture and Hair Growth

By stimulating the flow of blood and chi to flow freely around the body, acupuncture can cure or address problems where blood and energy stimulation are the issue.  In the case of hair, as the body ages, the flow of blood and the nourishment of tissues are not as vigorous… Continue reading

Acupuncture Overland Park and DNA

DNA carries the person’s whole blueprint and thus carries the information of a person’s mood, personality, disposition and psychological content not to mention the physical profile of the person. Since personality, psychological content and even the physical aspect of the person can be altered, DNA probably can be altered according to what and who a person is. If a person is disposed to getting cancer, chances are he/she can pass on this disposition to his/her child. Continue reading

Ear Acupuncture Overland Park Treatment for Obesity

The United States is suffering from a plague. The American Heritage Dictionary defines a plague as a widespread affliction or calamity, especially one seen as divine retribution. Normally, we attribute a plague as something that implies scarcity, squalor and poverty. However, in the US, the plague stems from overabundance of food, a blessing divinely bestowed graciously to this country but terribly abused by its mortal inhabitants. The Center for Disease Control estimates that in 2009, roughly 30% of the US population is obese, not overweight, but obese. Obesity is a major problem since it often leads to health issues like cardiovascular disease, certain types of cancer and diabetes mellitus. Continue reading