Chinese Herbal Tonics To Boost Male Sexual Vitality And Health And Jing

Male sexual vitality and health is an important topic for men of all ages. It is an important aspect in a man’s self–image and in healthy relationships. The bad news is lots of men are unaware of the elements necessary for maintaining their sexual vitality for the rest of their… Continue reading

The Wisdom Of The Ancient Sages Versus The Wisdom Of Contemporary Medicine

Most people not only want to live a better life but also a longer life. Though living well is a prevalent human pursuit, it is a pursuit that can be very difficult to attain. The reason is living well is a practice that necessitates deep ancient wisdom, not merely the… Continue reading

Acupressure Combined With Magnetic Therapy Is The Best Way To Treat Sciatica

When the sciatic nerve becomes irritated or compressed, it creates pain that radiates from the lower spine to the buttock and the back of the leg. This ailment is called sciatica and is a rather common form of pain. Middle aged people, especially people in their 50’s are the most… Continue reading

Acupressure As A Safe Holistic Therapy For Animals And Pets

Holistic medical treatments for animals such as acupressure have seen a rise in use from animal owners who’ve been looking for ways to gift their furry friends happier, longer, and healthier lives. These people are steering the course in looking for better options for their dearly loved pets. They are… Continue reading

Acupressure And Acupuncture For The Treatment Of Insomnia

Acupressure and acupuncture are two natural therapies that can help you overcome insomnia. These two Chinese medicine forms of treatment can provide your body with the necessary pain and stress relief you may need to be able to sleep soundly. Acupressure is an ancient Chinese medical procedure that involves the… Continue reading

Prevent and Treat Common Illnesses By Practicing Natural Nei Gong Exercises

Nei Gong or Nei Kung is an age old practice that originated in the internal martial arts. It was more often practiced in the Wudang and Shaolin temples to maintain harmony and health by balancing and internal harmonizing internal and external energy. It can be an indispensible complement to any… Continue reading

Some Of The Ways You Can Prevent The Rise Of Thyroid Condition

You obviously understand that the thyroid gland plays a very big role in your overall well being and health if you have been diagnosed with a thyroid condition. Actually, the thyroid gland is the producer of two very important hormones in your body: triiodothyronine and thyroxin. The inadequate or excess… Continue reading

Gua Sha Therapy Can Be Performed At Home To Treat Various Physical Pains And Ailments

Gua sha is an East Asian healing technique that you can perform at home to treat ailments such as respiratory problems. In the West, this therapy is often referred to as “scraping”. As with most alternative natural therapies, gua sha has not been exposed to thorough scientific investigation. But two… Continue reading