Acupressure Combined With Magnetic Therapy Is The Best Way To Treat Sciatica

When the sciatic nerve becomes irritated or compressed, it creates pain that radiates from the lower spine to the buttock and the back of the leg. This ailment is called sciatica and is a rather common form of pain. Middle aged people, especially people in their 50’s are the most prone to this type of condition. The term sciatica actually refers to a bunch of symptoms instead of a certain disease. What these symptoms all share in common is pain that travels from the back all the way to the legs.

Some sufferers may also feel weakness, tingling, or numbness in the leg muscles. Sciatica may occur for several reasons, although it is oftentimes caused by a slipped or herniated lumbar disc. When sciatica occurs because of a slipped lumbar disc, treatment usually is not required as the condition heals by itself within a few weeks. But, if the symptoms persist or are very painful, the sufferer should seek treatment.

A growing number of people with acute sciatica pain have chosen acupressure as a form of relief during the past few years as it is a totally safe and non invasive natural alternative to spinal injections and painkillers. The therapy should not be confused with acupuncture although like acupuncture, it is a very old healing technique that’s based on the use of physical pressure on certain points on the body. The pressure helps increase the flow of lymph and blood and stimulates the production and release of oxytocin and endorphins resulting in the relief of muscle tension and pain.

Magnet or Magnetic therapy is another natural alternative form of pain relieving technique that has been practiced by countless numbers of people for thousands of years. It heals ailments via the healing power of magnets. When the magnets are placed on the area of the body where pain is felt, they not only increase the local circulation of blood, but also treat inflammation related to sciatica. Cells are damaged by inflammation as it changes the cells’ ionic balance (the cell’s chemical balance changes resulting in the degeneration of the cells). The good news is that magnets generate a magnetic field that pulls ions back into alignment which leads to the restoration of cellular balance.

These days, acquiring the combined benefits of magnet therapy and acupressure is very achievable through the use of a device known as “magnetic acupressure mat”. This type of mat is defined by the plastic “spiky” discs as well as the cylindrically shaped bio-magnets that surround one of its sides. Still, while lots of different mats are sold now on the market, not all are uniformly effective. It is important to look for a number of factors in the mat in order to select the best one. One factor is the plastic discs, which are called “florets” or “flowers,” have a number of tips that should be shaped like pyramids. The amount of tips per flower should fittingly range between 30 and 36. Less than 30 could make the acupressure procedure a bit uncomfortable, while anything higher that 36 number may make it too “weak” and, thus, ineffective.

One should also inspect the padding of the mat. Vegetable fibers are padding is by the best acupressure mats. They do not attract mites, do not misshape over time, are breathable, and guarantee a more balanced and uniform acupressure. In addition, unlike petroleum-based byproducts such as foam rubber, vegetable fibers are eco-friendly and 100 percent natural.

Finally, the magnets should be situated on the mat based on the theories of Stable Field Magnet Therapy and should be medium negative polarity permanent bio-magnets. When these factors are met, you’ll be able to select the best acupressure mat and alleviate sciatic pain effectively and rapidly.

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