Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture Can Address the Symptoms of Interstitial Cystitis

Interstitial Cystitis is a condition affecting the urinary bladder. Both genders can be diagnosed with this illness although women are far more prone to it. In the US, there are about 12 percent of women manifesting the symptoms of interstitial cystitis, making it a condition that needs to be taken… Continue reading

Acupuncture Helps Reduce The Size of Fibroids

Nowadays, an increasing number of women are looking for a natural way to treat their fibroids. Surgery is considered only in extreme cases when the number the fibroids or when the size of the uterine tumors is large. Natural cures for fibroids may entail the use of several different approaches… Continue reading

Carpal Tunnel Symptoms Can Be Relieved With Acupuncture

Named after the narrow tunnel or tube that passes through the carpal bones in the heel of the hand, carpal tunnel syndrome is an ailment that has two overriding symptom: pain and numbness on the spot where the hand joins the wrist. Pressure on the median nerve increases when the… Continue reading

The Use of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs in the Treatment of Uterine Prolapse

When an organ has prolapsed it means that the organ has fallen out of its proper place from where it should be positioned in the body. The uterus, bladder, and rectum are the organs that commonly become prolapsed. According to Chinese medicine, hernias can also be categorized under prolapse. Some… Continue reading

The Differences Between Acupressure and Acupuncture

There are folks who tend to confuse acupressure with acupuncture and vice versa. These are two different methods of healing despite the fact that both are based on the belief that a human body with a balanced flow of energy is a healthy and well-functioning body. When an acupoint or… Continue reading

Does Acupuncture Work For Asthma?

Treating asthma through acupuncture may seem a strange way of addressing this common disease. Asthma affects around 20 million Americans. Acupuncture is an alternative esoteric, and mysterious medical healing technique. For those masses of people who suffer from asthma, perhaps it’s time to consider acupuncture treatment for your condition. If… Continue reading

Acupuncture is a Treatment That Is Socially Just and Ecologically Friendly

Acupuncture began and remains an individualized form of treatment. The needles are applied into one person at a time by one person at a time. This meant that the practitioner and his/her patient can develop a human relationship that’s totally real. Besides human health, acupuncture has wider implications for social… Continue reading

Regular Acupuncture Treatments Can Be a Very Beneficial Way To Live a Happy and Health Life

Even in this day and age when acupuncture is already widely known as a powerful alternative form of treatment, many people still do not know what it is about. They presume that acupuncture is just one of those healthy lifestyle trends that are in vogue today. What they aren’t aware… Continue reading

Traditional Chinese Medicine Remedies for Hemorrhoids

One of the more unknown skills of a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner is the ability to treat hemorrhoids (piles), a painful condition in which the veins in the part of the anus or rectum becomes swollen. There are two types of hemorrhoids: internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids occur… Continue reading