The Orlando Traditional Chinese Medicine Solution to the Common Cold

Is there a cure for the common cold? Not yet, either here or in China. But Orlando traditional chinese medicine offers an effective way of treating the common cold, one that dramatically reduces its duration and severity. The term “common cold” is actually a misnomer. There are, in fact, different kinds… Continue reading

A Overland Park Traditional Chinese Medicine

The art of acupuncture is the treatment of interleaving and directing needles into multiple points on the body to alleviate pain or fo  r remedial reasons. The original written documentation of acupuncture was found in the Chinese writings Shiji, with a more in-depth narration in the second BCE medical journal… Continue reading

Chinese Medicine Linwood for IBS and Stress Management

Chinese medicine Linwood is very effective at treating ‘functional’ digestive problems, where conventional medicine may struggle. Chinese herbal treatment is tailored to you as an individual. The practitioner will take note of your digestion and bowel pattern, your energy levels, the characteristics of your tongue and pulse and the things… Continue reading

Acupuncture Palm Harbor Treatment Procedure

During acupuncture Palm Harbor session, acupuncturists usually ask new clients to complete a personal health record prior to an interview. A session with the therapist then has the client answer questions that cover main health issues, diet, emotional and psychological profile, and overall lifestyle. The therapist should also be informed by the individual… Continue reading

Introduction and History of Acupuncture in Overland Park

Overland Park acupuncture is a therapeutic technique intended to restore well-being and health. This form of treatment is known to be the most commonly used medical procedure in the world and one of the oldest. In China, the practice of acupuncture can be traced as far back as the first… Continue reading