Definition of Headaches

By definition, a headache is pain in the head and/or the upper neck. In terms of pain, a headache is the most common pain experienced by a person and can have many causes. Classification of Headaches Headaches are classified into three categories: Facial pain, cranial neuralgias and other kinds of… Continue reading

Causes of Menopause

All stages of menopause, the perimenopausal, menopausal and postmenopausal stage are caused by hormone changes, specifically, by waning levels of female hormones in the body. Perimenopause – As a woman reaches the age of 50, the quantity and quality of her ovaries start to decrease and these cause her female… Continue reading

Definition of Depression

Depression is a state of mind the person is in after experiencing an event that cause resentment and anger in him.  Depression can be a natural and justifiable reaction of people towards events; it becomes a disorder when this feeling becomes long-term and disproportionate to the reason that caused it…. Continue reading