Acupuncture Miami as a Viable Weight Loss Alternative

For many on diet, the frustration of suffering for days, weeks or even months only to have the weight come back and gaining a few pounds more can be so frustrating. Most people who have discovered acupuncture as a viable weight loss alternative seem to be handling their weight quite… Continue reading

Treating Acupuncture for Depression in West Orange

Depression is an emotional state manifested by crying, malaise, melancholia, sadness, insomnia, anxiety and disinterest in activities.  Some cases of depression sometimes lead to suicide.   Depression alters the affected person’s daily activities not in a positive way.  In most cases, these people need to communicate with other individuals if only… Continue reading

Acupuncture West Orange a Very Safe Form of Treatment

Acupuncture West Orange is safe even babies can be treated by it.  For over 3000 years, ancient Chinese medicine has been treating people of all ages with several forms of ancient Chinese treatment, including acupuncture. What is so beautiful about treating very young children with acupuncture is that, babies do… Continue reading

Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine for Infections in Orlando

Acupuncture in Orlando is a treatment practiced by traditional Chinese medicine to allow the free flow of life force or chi as the Chinese calls it, throughout the body through networks in the body called meridian lines.  This free flow of the life force is similar to blood replenishing the… Continue reading

How Acupuncture Bellmore Treats Acne

In both traditional Chinese medicine or TCM and western medicine, acne is the result of environmental, emotional and health factors.  Hormonal imbalance, stress, pollution and an unhealthy health lifestyle are major factors for skin problems such as acne.  Acne reduces morale and it causes social and interpersonal problems for people… Continue reading