Some Of The Advantages Of Chinese Medicine Over Western Medicine

Long before the creation of the Western medical system, most people who lived during ancient days survived and even lived healthier lives than people in today’s generation. The Chinese are famous for this attribute; their customary manner of preserving health and healing has actually been studied by more and more… Continue reading

Chinese Medicine Facial Rejuvenation Treatment

In this article, we’re going to discuss a new type of facial rejuvenation treatment. It is a holistic approach to cosmetic therapy. It has the ability to eviscerate aging painlessly and safely from your face without the need for surgery. Celebrities such as Meghan Markle, Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian… Continue reading

Chinese Medicine And Acupuncture For Transgender People

I love Chinese medicine because it is authentically holistic and it can be as spiritual, artistic and esoteric and as medical and physical as the practitioner wants it to be. I am an acupuncturist and an herbalist so I prescribe Chinese herbs to my patients. Chinese medicine and acupuncture are… Continue reading

Chinese Medicine And The Five-Element Theory

People are always interested in understanding what’s happening with their health. Taoists and other ancient Chinese philosophers developed a framework for doing this, which is still used today. This concept is called the five-element theory in Chinese medicine. As you start to use the five-element theory as a way to… Continue reading

Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture And Pregnancy

In this article, I’ll be discussing a topic surrounded by excitement, fear and the list of do’s and don’ts that can be more than a little overwhelming. I’m talking about those 40 weeks in a woman’s life that change everything. I’m talking about pregnancy. More specifically, I will be discussing… Continue reading

Is There Such A Thing As “Good Food” In Chinese Medicine?

A good meal needs to have three important elements: Color (Se), fragrance or smell (Xiang) and flavor (Wei). Through the eyes, we see the color; through the nose, we smell the aroma; and through the mouth, we taste the flavor. Chinese sages during ancient times believe in this statement and… Continue reading

Marked Differences Exist Between Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine

One of the oldest and yet most sophisticated medical systems in the world is Chinese medicine. Through the thousands of years of research and experience has this system been immensely enhanced. Its most distinct difference to Western medicine is that Chinese medicine focuses on “health” rather than on “healing.” This… Continue reading

Chinese Medicine is an Extremely Underappreciated Treatment in Western Society

Despite having been used for thousands of years as a proficient healing approach for several various health conditions, the effectiveness of Chinese medicine is still being questioned by Western medical researchers. In spite of that, most Western medicine researchers would not find improbable claims of Qi gong’s ability to maintain… Continue reading

Traditional Chinese Medicine’s View of the Heart

In terms of functions, the anatomical heart as understood by Western medicine is different from that of the traditional Chinese medicine’s view of the heart. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), besides controlling the cardiovascular system, the heart is an organ system that is also responsible for a number of physiological… Continue reading