Chinese Medicine is an Extremely Underappreciated Treatment in Western Society

Despite having been used for thousands of years as a proficient healing approach for several various health conditions, the effectiveness of Chinese medicine is still being questioned by Western medical researchers. In spite of that, most Western medicine researchers would not find improbable claims of Qi gong’s ability to maintain fitness by promoting movement and relaxation, that acupuncture alleviates pain and discomfort by stimulating the production of neurochemicals, or that Chinese herbs possess potent biochemical properties.

For those who are considering Chinese medicine treatment in Cleveland who do not yet have sufficient knowledge as to how effective they are for certain conditions, they may read the various studies that have led others to conclude about its effectiveness. Many profess that Chinese medicine is very effective, oftentimes giving palliative benefits where Western medicine fail, including the common health issues such as allergies and flu, and aiding to remove toxins and chemically adverse medications from the body.

Eastern and Western medicine have long debated the use of acupuncture as a medicine. It is more or less accepted as a safe modality based on the findings of several medical studies. Presently, these studies have not led to a conclusion whether acupuncture can be considered a science. Simultaneously, studies show that the stimulation of meridians with acupuncture led to successful results. Furthermore, researchers have suggested that given the safety of the treatment, it should be tried, and merely requires having more medical trials concerning it. Further research is vital to discover areas where acupuncture treatments can be beneficial.

Another aspect of traditional Chinese medicine that has been researched by Western scientists is Chinese herbal therapy. There may still be a few more herbs that have not been studied but a lot of those that have been have actually been packaged as pharmaceutical medications prescribed to patients. Artemisinin, ephedra, and Chinese wormwood are a few samples of age-old herbal therapies that have been integrated into Western medicine from Chinese healing principles.

A lot of compounds used by Chinese herbal medicine are not used in Western medicine; nowadays, there is a growing interest in these compounds. Considering the thousands of years of evolution of Chinese medicine, it is likely that while herbs were originally chosen on misguided grounds, those that have shown beneficial effects have remained as modalities.

Chinese medicine is safe to use. This is one consensus that all Western research agree on. All the medical studies about Chinese medicine show that they have very few harmful side effects and not injurious to one’s wellbeing. As this may be true to almost all types of holistic therapies, most researchers will also suggest that it may be simply a shortage of fact-finding from the medicine that is used in Chinese philosophies.

In Western society, Chinese medicine is a hotly debated topic politically and scientifically. But this is also a fantastic opportunity to start evaluating the principles that have been experimented with and applied over time. By using the various systems Chinese medicine offers, which for some means using them on a regular basis to maintain their overall well-being, Chinese medicine remains one of China’s most significant contribution to Western society.

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