Treat Depression More Effectively with Acupuncture Therapy

Both women and men can be affected by depression. This negative condition can be a result of various environmental, mental, and physical factors. Depression may result in mild to severe symptoms of appetite loss, sleeping problems, sense of worthlessness, concentration problems, fatigue, loss of enjoyment in usually enjoyable activities, dejection,… Continue reading

Traditional Chinese Medicine’s View of the Heart

In terms of functions, the anatomical heart as understood by Western medicine is different from that of the traditional Chinese medicine’s view of the heart. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), besides controlling the cardiovascular system, the heart is an organ system that is also responsible for a number of physiological… Continue reading

The Non-Invasive Medical Procedure of Acupuncture is Ideal for the Treatment of Infertility

A growing number of people are developing infertility problems throughout the world these days. Most of them are interested in searching for a treatment that would allow them to conceive without spending an arm and a leg or need to undergo an invasive and uncomfortable procedure. Acupuncture for infertility treatment… Continue reading

The Many Health Advantages One Can Experience When Getting Cosmetic Acupuncture

A growing number of Americans are now expected to reach their 70’s and 80’s all hale and healthy. Their great improvement of health and increased life expectancy has led to an increase in ways to make old people look young again and has spawned a yearly billion-dollar industry on anti-… Continue reading