The Many Health Advantages One Can Experience When Getting Cosmetic Acupuncture

A growing number of Americans are now expected to reach their 70’s and 80’s all hale and healthy. Their great improvement of health and increased life expectancy has led to an increase in ways to make old people look young again and has spawned a yearly billion-dollar industry on anti- aging cosmetics and creams. Botox injections and plastic surgery have become so popular and inexpensive nowadays that they are not only available for the rich and famous but also for the average Joe and Jane who have the means to spend a few bucks to shed off a few years off their face.

Other people who don’t think undergoing very invasive or painful injections and surgery is a good way of looking young again are seeking natural and safer ways to attain this. For them, an ancient form of treatment known as cosmetic acupuncture would be a much more appealing and alternative way to enhance their health and look young once again at the same time.

For thousands of years and up to today, cosmetic acupuncture has been used in China to help men and women look younger than they are. As far back as the Sung Dynasty, (960 AD to 1270 AD) , the Empress, Emperor and the Emperor’s concubines availed of this extremely helpful treatment to help them slow down and even reverse the aging process allowing them to enjoy life in a much healthier and happier way. Cosmetic acupuncture involves the use of extremely thin needles inserted on acupuncture points in the body and face. This type of acupuncture is based on the ancient principles of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) to boost the flow of blood and energy to the face. The enhanced circulation of these vital substances causes more elastin, collagen, and nutrients to move to the facial area. Cosmetic acupuncture benefits facial appearance and health by improving energy and lowering stress.

Based on the patient’s unique constitution, the effects of cosmetic acupuncture may vary, although the common benefits one can expect from it include the removal of jowls, an overall lifting of the face, the lessening of puffiness around the eyes, diminishment of wrinkles and fine lines, and a glowing complexion. These effects have been proven in a study done in 1996 and published by the International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture. In the study an overwhelming number of subjects (90% of the 300 patients who participated) manifested significant improvements such as a feeling of rejuvenation, lessened wrinkles and lines, and a better complexion. Besides that, a lot of the subjects have reported less TMJ problems like teeth grinding, fewer acne breakouts, less hot flashes, fewer menstrual discomfort, and improved digestion.

Virtually, every person can reap the benefits of cosmetic acupuncture although people who are in a state of good health will experience the maximum benefits of the treatment. People who suffer from chronic deleting conditions, those with poor digestion, and smokers need to rectify their issues first before they consider getting cosmetic acupuncture. However, for people suffering from migraines, cosmetic acupuncture has been known to aggravate migraine headaches.

In terms of disadvantages vis-à-vis cosmetic surgery or Botox, 10 to 12 sessions of cosmetic acupuncture procedures are needed to get the best results. Moreover, while they are evident, the results can be unpredictable as to how much and where improvement is attained.

Individuals who have never experienced acupuncture may fear the treatment because it involves the use of needles. The truth is, acupuncture can be mildly discomforting when the needles are stuck into the body and people may experience this discomfort in varying degrees. To minimize the discomfort, the acupuncturist can adopt certain insertion techniques. An overwhelming number of people who have tried acupuncture find the therapy very relaxing and calming to the mind; most of them actually fall asleep after the needles have been inserted.

In terms of safety, cosmetic acupuncture is an extremely safe procedure. No recovery time is needed for it and there is no chance of disfigurement. Patients return to work all relaxed and refreshed. Cosmetic acupuncture is considered a rejuvenating therapy as it not only improves your looks but alleviates stress and benefits your overall health, as well.

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