Acupuncture Can Battle the Effects of Type I and Type II Diabetes

Diabetes is associated with several other kinds of health problems: neuropathy, vision problems, early development of stroke, and low thyroid function. A growing number of Americans have developed type II diabetes. Why is having a high blood sugar level extremely bad for health? Because high blood sugar in elevated amounts… Continue reading

Acupuncture Points and Chinese Herbal Formulas for Curing Hangovers

People who have had a hangover often vow never to feel that way again – and why would anyone want to repeat that? Feeling thirsty, dizzy, tired, nauseous, possibly vomiting, and enduring a monstrous headache is enough of a litany of symptoms to make anyone vow the world to be… Continue reading

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Play A Huge Role in Hormone Balance Restoration

For treating imbalances of the hormones, acupuncture in Orlando may not seem like a logical choice; it does, however, produce certain benefits. This treatment, which is a major component of TCM or traditional Chinese medicine, is a medical procedure that involves the sticking of thin needles into specific parts of… Continue reading

If You’re Suffering From Tinnitus, You Should Seriously Consider Getting Acupuncture

There are a lot of health problems that many of us have to cope with on a regular basis that can be rectified to a certain extent with some form of natural cure. Usually, there are foods available that can assist usthere are also instances where it may require a… Continue reading

Some Interesting Facts About Moxibustion

The word moxibustion ormoxatherapy is derived from the Japanese word “Moe Kusa” which literally translates to “burning herb.” Moxibustion is a healing technique meant to relieve fatigue and pain in the human body. Moxa is obtained from the Mugwort herb. Moxibustion originated in China and Japan but because of its… Continue reading

Lose Weight Properly with Ear Stapling Weight Loss Treatment

Are you looking for an effective means of weight loss? Does the appearance of your body make you a bit desperate to lose weight? What techniques do you think will work for you? Will they be effective? What health professional should you consulwith about this? Above-normal weight people who seem… Continue reading

Balancing Your Diet According To The Five TCM Seasons

“Eat spinach every day.” “For healthy bones, drink milk.” “Eat 5-7 servings a day of …” “Don’t drink more than two cups of coffee a day.””Eat garlic – because it’s good for you.” We’ve heard them all. So many rules and regulations to heed! What’s too much? What’s right? All… Continue reading