Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Play A Huge Role in Hormone Balance Restoration

For treating imbalances of the hormones, acupuncture in Orlando may not seem like a logical choice; it does, however, produce certain benefits. This treatment, which is a major component of TCM or traditional Chinese medicine, is a medical procedure that involves the sticking of thin needles into specific parts of the body. These points,known as pressure points or acupuncture points (or acupoints, for short) correspond to various organs and organs systems whose energy circulates along pathways or channels referred to as meridians. Based on the theory of TCM, when the right acupoints are stimulated, it leads to a healthy restoration of balance in a person’s body. If you are interested in getting acupuncture treatment, consult with your doctor first about the treatment then if your doctor agrees, search for a licensed and experienced acupuncturist to discuss with you and treat your hormonal balance.


Playing a huge role in a wide array of bodily functions like sleep-wake rhythms, reproduction, and metabolism among many others, your hormones, according to western medical science, is secreted by glands in your body and brain, most especially, by the adrenal, thyroid, and pituitary glands. To perform tasks, these hormones move through the bloodstream to different cells in the body. Hormones are indispensable to optimal health even if much emphasis is placed on sex hormones such as testosterone and estrogen.

Chinese Theory

Chinese medicine, according to,deems hormones to be part of the essence or “jing” of a person. Everyone is born with a specific amount of essence or life force, which is housed in the kidneys. This “jing”, is utilized throughout one’s lifetime to nourish organs, tissues, and cells. Jing is the source of a person’s yin and yang. Yin encompasses fluids and blood, while yang involves warmth and energy. also states that when essence diminishes, the person can experience symptoms the same to those of hormonal imbalances, like impotence or menopause. Treatments used by Chinese medicine practitioners target acupoints that can bring back essence; organs such as the liver and kidneys are also targeted for hormone balance restoration.

Du/Ren Meridians

The du and ren meridians, although not associated with any organs in your body, are nevertheless, important. The du meridian, also called the governing vessel, moves along the midline of the body’s back; in Peter Deadman’s book, “A Manual of Acupuncture,” the du meridian mediates between the heart and the brain. The acupoints conception vessel 4 and 17 and governing vessel 3 were listed in the study published in the “Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine.” These points are associated with reproductive hormone stimulation.The ren meridian is also known as the conception vessel, according to Deadman’s book. The ren has points that can harmonize disorders in their local area when stimulated. It travels along the on the midline of the body’s front. It is often used to aid in menopausal complaints and to address both female and male infertility.


According to Chinese medicine,the gallbladder and liver are a yang and yin pair. The gallbladder performs a yang action, when it excretes bile for the dissolution of food while the liver, which is a yin organ, holds and stores blood and controls the menstrual cycle of females. The “Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine” published a study listing liver and gallbladder acupoints actively stimulating the release of gonadotropin-releasing hormone. The study also listed the acupoints Gallbladder 26 and 34 and the liver point 14.


The book, “A Manual of Acupuncture” depicted the kidney as being the wellspring of life in a person’s body. It is where one’s essence is housed and it governs development, reproduction, and growth. Since Western medicine thinks hormones play a large and important role in these processes, your acupuncturist may include treating kidney acupoints in your hormone-balancing therapy. The “Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine,” in March 2010,published a study that explored the effects of certain acupoint stimulation on the gonadotropin-releasing hormone which is a reproductive hormone. The study discovered that the meridian of the kidney played a major part in stimulating the release of this hormone; the release involved the stimulation of the acupoint kidney 10.

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