Relieve Undesirable Menopause Symptoms with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Menopause symptoms can be eased considerably with acupuncture treatments. Acupuncture can also decrease a lot of the unwanted symptoms that women often experience around the ages of 45 to 60. For women who prefer not to undergo HRT or hormone replacement therapy, the gentle 4000 year-old acupuncture protocols for menopause… Continue reading

The Severity and Frequency of Hot Flashes Can Be Reduced with Acupuncture

The severity and frequency of hot flashes can be substantially lessened with acupuncture based on a meta-analysis included in The Menopause journal. A very important part of TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture has been practiced for at least 4,000 years. This treatment involves the placement of very thin needles… Continue reading

Having a Hard Time with Menopause? Then, it’s Time to Try Acupuncture and TCM

Different nationalities and cultures have different way of resolving different kind of illnesses. One interesting thing to remember is the acupuncture and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), are more and more becoming popular in helping control the symptoms of menopause in the United States. TCM considers menopause as a stage in… Continue reading

Getting Over Menopausal Symptoms with Alternative and Natural Therapies

Chinese herbs and acupuncture are very useful remedies for the symptoms of menopause suffered by millions of menopausal women all over the world. They are natural, efficacious, noninvasive and safe treatments for these uncomfortable and all too often painful symptoms. Aromatherapy and Chinese herbs work in synergy with acupuncture to… Continue reading

Menopause Lifestyles and Home Remedies

Hot flashes – To offset the discomfort of hot flashes always keep your residence and workplace cool. Refresh yourself by drinking lots of cold water or juice.  Spicy foods, alcohol or caffeine should be avoided since they are likely to bring about hot flashes.  Wear clothing that is loose and… Continue reading