Getting Over Menopausal Symptoms with Alternative and Natural Therapies

Chinese herbs and acupuncture are very useful remedies for the symptoms of menopause suffered by millions of menopausal women all over the world. They are natural, efficacious, noninvasive and safe treatments for these uncomfortable and all too often painful symptoms.

Aromatherapy and Chinese herbs work in synergy with acupuncture to address both the menopausal symptoms and the symptoms’ underlying cause. It is highly advised to try Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture first before going for hormone therapy. One big reason for doing so is that herbal medicine and acupuncture do not have any adverse side effects and so are perfectly safe to use. Hormone therapy, on the other hand, has a lot of negative side effects that are usually long-term. Most women more often than not only look at the short term benefits this treatment gives. They are usually unaware that hormone therapy can make them at huge risk for erratic emotional changes, fibrocystic breasts and even ovarian cancer. These are major reasons why you need to try out a natural and safer form of treatment first. To treat hot flashes and night sweating associated with menopause, some Chinese herbal formulas are recommended. These include:

Celestial emperor – The Chinese name for this formula is chan wan bu sin dan. It is very effective in treating thirst sensations, insomnia, irritability and anxiety.

Free and easy wanderer – This formula known in Chinese as Chia wei ziao yao wan is good for indigestion, severe stress, headaches, red eyes, and irritability.

Er zian tang – An herbal remedy that is used to treat low back pain, cold with recent episodes of hot flashes, and fatigue.

Shi bai di wang wan – Used for the relief of low back pain, hot flashes and fatigue. This has been used for many centuries.


Some essential oils used for menopause to help offset menopausal symptoms include:

5 drops of Lavender
3 drops Geranium
4 drops Clary Sage
3 drops Cypress
3 drops Roman Chamomile
4 drops Fennel

Immerse yourself in a bathtub filled with warm or hot water for 3 minutes minimum before putting the oils in the water. Mix the oils together and stay in the tub for 20 minutes or more. To help you relax even more listen to relaxing music under low lights/candles and deeply inhale the soothing oils.

Cooling Spray:

5 drops Cypress
8 ounces of distilled water
7 drops Clary Sage
8 drops Roman Chamomile
4 drops Peppermint
7 drops Rose Geranium

Shake the spray bottle after adding the essential oils with the water in the bottle. Whenever you feel a hot flash sensation, spritz yourself with the formula. Keep the bottle cool at all times. One way to do this is by refrigerating it. Before using, thoroughly shake the bottle.

Night sweats and hot flashes are likely to be treated with Chinese herbs and acupuncture. You need to understand though that not all herbs used for a certain patient will work for another. Each patient is unique and so it is up to the herbalist or acupuncturist to know the right herbal formulas that can help treat the patient’s specific symptoms. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are holistic therapies. This means that these modalities treat the whole person not, just one aspect of his being.

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