Two Ways to Release Endorphins in the Body

All people naturally want to feel happy and complete.  Some people even go to the extent of using artificial means like drugs and other non-natural approaches to feel happy and relaxed.  A few are aware though that the body has its own natural apothecary located inside the brain.   The brain… Continue reading

Miami Treatments for Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety disorders do not only cause fear and sadness, it can lead to physical conditions and mental complications particularly when the anxiety is left untreated and allowed to fester in the person’s mind for a long time.  Some of these symptoms include difficulty sleeping, headache, fatigue and muscle stiffness.  While… Continue reading

Some Ways to Treat Morning Sickness in Miami

Unfortunately, around 75% of pregnant women experience morning sickness and it has forced them to look for solutions to treat this problem.  Some women may experience morning sickness early on in their pregnancy, some in the middle of their pregnancy and some may suffer from this condition much later on… Continue reading

Some Types of Treatment for Low Back Pain

Medical research has verified that using alternative and complementary treatments can be quite potent for several types of diseases and illnesses.  These modalities are often combined with doctor recommended therapies which end up in beneficial outcomes.  What exactly are complementary therapies in the first place?  Some of these modalities include… Continue reading

Treating Chronic Headache Pain with Acupuncture Miami

A person is considered suffering from chronic headache pain if he at least experiences it 25 days a month.  Chronic headache pain is one the most severe types of pain a person can suffer from according to a researcher from the Ohio University researcher who is considered the premier researcher… Continue reading