Treating Chronic Headache Pain with Acupuncture Miami

A person is considered suffering from chronic headache pain if he at least experiences it 25 days a month.  Chronic headache pain is one the most severe types of pain a person can suffer from according to a researcher from the Ohio University researcher who is considered the premier researcher of chronic headache pain today.

A study he has lead involving 245 chronic headache pain sufferers showed that 66% of these participants suffer from chronic headache pain almost every day.  About 70% of the participants noted in their recorded experiences that they suffer from other symptoms including headache-related stress and anxiety, fatigue and interrupted sleep; 44% of the participants noted that the headaches severely impaired their school and work performance and 72 percent revealed that because of the pain, they had to miss school or work by about of 3.5 days each month for the past six months.

It should be noted that millions of people all around the world suffer from chronic headache pain living broken and distraught lives oftentimes.  Happily, there are treatments available to address the debilitating discomfort of cluster headaches, migraines and tension headaches.  The question now becomes what is the best treatment approach for you in treating your chronic headache pain?

Treatment for chronic headache pain can include conventional and alternative modalities.  The initial step to address this is to consult with your doctor to exactly determine what kind of headache you suffer from; if your headache is diagnosed as a chronic headache pain,  the a treatment for chronic headache pain will be recommended by your physician. You can also get a second opinion to ascertain that the first diagnosis is the right one.

A person is diagnosed to suffer from a chronic headache pain when he suffers from acute headache regularly which is not treated by over-the-counter drugs like paracetamol or ibuprofen.

The physician usually prescribes drugs such as Maxalt or Imetrex , which are medications that are effective for chronic pain headache and they are drugs often prescribed for chronic headache pain associated with cluster headaches and migraines.  For severe kinds of chronic headache pain, very strong painkillers such as Vicodine and Oxycodon can be used as for treatment.  Still, most physicians believe that chronic headaches cannot be treated by medications alone and actually, many people nowadays are more inclined to seek out safer alternative ways in providing relief from their chronic headache pain because they know the alternatives are safer and have less serious side effects than prescription and non-prescription drugs.

Acupuncture Miami by far is considered one of the most effective treatments for chronic head pain.  This major component of traditional Chinese medicine utilizes ultra thin needles stuck into certain parts of the skin.  Many people aver that this treatment for chronic headache pain works.

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