Different Kinds of Chi

Chi is as pervasive as air and like air it surrounds us and affects our health directly and indirectly.  Chi is the basis for traditional Chinese medicine and by extension, acupuncture Orlando.  Chi is the universal energy and the energy of the universe although our senses are ill-equipped to see, taste, smell, touch and hear this power.

Chi directly contradicts Western medicine since the latter does not acknowledge the existence of chi.  This energy is not theoretical, it is as real as the sun and you and me.  If one looks at a corpse, one can see that there is something amiss with it – life!  Chi innately has the energy that maintains and engenders life.  A corpse may have all the ingredients necessary for life but what it does not have is energy (chi).  Food is partly where we get our chi.  We need food to stay alive obviously.  We may last a month or more without food but eventually we run out of chi and we die.  TCM calls this kind of chi as “gu chi,” which can literally mean cereal energy.  This kind of chi needs to be digested and processed by the digestive system. Chi can be stronger or weaker in certain kinds of foods.  The more organic the food is, the more vibrant the chi and therefore the tastier and healthier it is.  We feel active and light after eating sushi, while personally after eating fast foods my neck begins to hurt after a while.  One should eat a variety of foods but with high nutritional content.  We all know that fresh, highly nutritious non-processed foods are the best kinds of foods to eat.  These foods contain vibrant chi.

Besides food, chi can be found in the air likewise.  No one can live without air and we die faster without air than without food.  The chi we get from the air is a different type of chi we get from food and chi we get from the air is something we constantly need and should have ample supply of.  The Chinese call chi from the air “da chi” meaning heavenly chi.

That is why there are breathing exercises that makes us healthy.  Tai chi is such an exercise and together with yoga and chi gong focuses on proper breathing techniques to get quality “da chi” we need.

Proper lifestyle and diet are truly important in living a healthy and happy life.  If you weren’t motivated to practice good dietary choices and healthy lifestyle because the reasons were a little vague, now we can appreciate the point in living a healthy and nutritious lifestyle.  With this kind of living, one can attain better sleep, more energy, get rarely sick, feel less or no pain at all and most importantly do not live a life of extreme stress.


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