How Chinese Nutritional Therapy Can Help Women Overcome Menopause Symptoms

Good news for women in menopause, there are certain kinds of food and tea recipes in Spokane Chinese medicine that can keep help night sweats, which are symptoms of hot flashes, naturally under control. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), it is suggested that women having issues with night sweats and… Continue reading

A Brief Introduction To Traditional Chinese Medicine

The various movements in Tai Chi movements can help reinvigorate certain organs in your body. For example, if you have heart issues, one option is to repeat the Brush Knee & Push movement several times to both right and left. In this manner can tai chi affect the body mainly… Continue reading

Traditional Chinese Medicine And The Elimination Of Damp And Cold In The Ear

TCM or traditional Chinese medicine in Miami (TCM) lies on the notion that everything is a mixture of opposites: yin (cleansing, cold,) and yang (building hot,), some of which we regulate through thoughts, the environment, diet sex,, exercise, etc. Swimmer’s ear or external otitis, affects the outer ear and is… Continue reading

The Efficacy And Safety Of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Cancer therapies are often as deadly as the disease itself. HIV patients face impending death in the hope that it will be painless and swift. Diabetics live off insulin tubes day by day which could be costly and painful. Yet, these are the treatments these patients continue to depend on… Continue reading

The Diagnostic System Of The Five Elements In Traditional Chinese Medicine

The diagnostic system of the Five Elements in Bellingham Traditional Chinese medicine is used to determine diseases and recommends a combo of the various natural herbs for treatment. There is no doubt that it’s the most precious “medical” wisdom we possess in this Earth. Most medical physicians in the USA… Continue reading

Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Help Prevent Breast Cancer And Relieve Its Symptoms

In our modern world, the great leaps in technology have led to a significant improvement in the prevention of breast cancer now more than ever. One alternative way that’s seriously considered to reduce the recurrence, side effects, or pain of breast cancer after highly invasive treatments like radiation therapy, chemotherapy,… Continue reading

How Does Cosmetic Bellmore Acupuncture Work

Cosmetic Bellmore acupuncture for facial rejuvenation works by balancing the functioning of the body and encouraging the flow of blood and energy to the face. From the objective constitution and lifestyle, the flow of energy in the body can become disrupted leading to a state of disharmony; these imbalances can… Continue reading

Miami Traditional Chinese Medicine in Preventing Depression

Chinese medical experts say Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), especially Miami acupuncture, can help prevent suicide on the eve of World Suicide Prevention Day, which falls on Friday. Du Wendong, president of the Institute of Psychology of the Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, said no suicide cases had happened in his… Continue reading