How Chinese Nutritional Therapy Can Help Women Overcome Menopause Symptoms

Good news for women in menopause, there are certain kinds of food and tea recipes in Spokane Chinese medicine that can keep help night sweats, which are symptoms of hot flashes, naturally under control. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), it is suggested that women having issues with night sweats and hot flashes need to avoid foods that are spicy and hot.

They also need to stop eating fruits and foods such as lychee and mutton and refrain from eating spices such as mustard, fennel, pepper, ginger, and cinnamon. They should instead consume foods that have nourishing and cooling properties that help increase the yang to counteract excessive yang.

These nourishing and cooling specimens can include white fungus, lily bulb, honey, lotus root, orange, pears, tomato, peach, soybean sprout, water chestnut, Chinese cabbage, radish, lotus seed, and loquat fruit. They can also have cuttlefish, animal liver, conch, sea cucumber, eels, oyster, and duck for their meal.

In Chinese nutritional therapy, there are certain teas that help control night sweats. These include a tea mixture of mulberry leaf, smoked plum, shriveled wheat and red dates that are boiled for an hour in water and then drunk.

Another tea that is suggested for night sweats, is one composed of red dates and immature dried peach that are boiled in water and then drunk. Different herbal teas that can also address night sweats include tea made with processed rehmannia rhizome and smoked plums and those made with red dates and hairyvein agrimonia plant mixed honey for flavor.

They can also prepare certain soups baked with dried mulberry leaves that are grounded into fine powder and then mixed in a bowl of rice soup.

Another recommended soup dish for night sweats is one made with rock sugar, rice, white fungus and lily bulb. Chicken soup mixed with malt sugar and root of rehmannia root as well as catfish and black soybean soup will also for night sweats. If you prefer soup that contains meat, you can prepare rabbit meat soup added with roots of coastal glehnia roots and Solomonseal rhizome for fragrance.

But the best thing one can do to prevent or overcome night sweats is to live a balanced life where one doesn’t have to work too hard and has enough time for exercise and a little bit of R & R. Hence, Chinese medicine practitioners will recommend for women with problems of hot flashes and night sweats to do some stress reducing activities and exercises. In addition, they need to change their clothes frequently and their rooms should be well-ventilated. They also should drink lots of water before going to bed in order to keep their bodies well hydrated. And finally, they should take a bath on a regular basis.

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