Qi Gong And Boosting The Circulation In Your Body

There’s an ancient Chinese proverb that says: “If you have congestion in the nose, your lung is unhealthy.”

Each organ in the Chinese medical system needs to be balanced so that the vital energy of the body, called Chi, can interlink with the other organs and enable the entire body to function as a holistic system. This means that it’s impossible to consider one body part or organ as an isolated problem without taking into account the entire body system. The blood carries the Chi. Chi requires blood to nurture it while blood requires Chi to move it. Therefore, for blood flow to improve, people need to boost the Chi in their blood.

An ideal way to enhance Chi is by practicing the age old Chinese healing art of Qi Gong. A significant aspect of this practice centers on breathing techniques, mind control, relaxation, and specific postures such as standing or sitting, and gentle movements to carry out an internal exercise.

We can say you have “bad Chi” in a certain area or that area has Chi blockages when pains and aches are plaguing your body. In order to open up the Chi blockages in your body, it’s essential that blood flow is increased. These blockages tend to develop when your body is under severe stress. The body part where there is not enough energy may suffer from blockages and may also be where the root problem of your illness lies. For instance, if you are burdened with asthma or any other breathing problem, you may be suffering from energy blockages in the nose, trachea, or lungs. You need to clean your insides of negative Chi. When this bad energy is taken out of your body, your health improves and the body can feel a lot better.

Over the years, Western medicine has conducted several studies on Qi Gong, and several video documentaries have been aired on TV showing how Qi Gong can be utilized to treat a variety of health conditions.

Based on these studies, the blood capillaries of a normal person are functioning at a capacity of fifty to sixty percent, or a maximum of seventy to eighty percent for people enjoying good health. That’s the reason why the facial color of some people is pale because capillaries are not quite open in those people. If there is a way to improve the opening of the capillaries, their blood flow will be able to improve. Body areas that typically get less blood will start to get more during and definitely after practicing Qi Gong. This exercise brings T-cells, antibodies, oxygen, and nutrients to all parts of the body. This boost in blood flow is at the core of the theory of Qi Gong. All illnesses can trace its roots in the flow of blood and Qi Gong will benefit people a lot by improving their circulation.

The lung takes in oxygen, an element that’s extremely important for the body for it to work properly. Oxygen is needed for the body to survive. The heart depends on oxygen to pump and beat blood. A healthy individual breathes in about 16 – 18 breaths per minute. Qi Gong beginners need to breathe slower and relax. Their breathing should be about 4 breaths a minute. This slow breathing exercise can enable them to increase the intake of oxygen into their lung. For older practitioners, they practice at an even slower breathing rate, such as a couple of breaths a minute.

Aside from breathing in more oxygen into the body, we are also increasing our vital energy or Chi when we perform Qi Gong exercises. You may say that we’re creating more Chi. It actually takes people by surprise knowing how “hot” they can become when they do these few and simple hand movements. When performing common physical activities such as swimming, basketball, running, etc., we tend to use up a lot of physical energy and our internal organs indirectly benefit from this, there is less return of Chi. but when we perform Qi Gong exercises, we expend very little physical energy. Our movements are slow and relaxed and because of this, we gain a lot of Chi that in turn, provides more benefits to our organs. If you need treatment for your body, you need to go easy on your Chi so that your body can utilize this energy for treatment of your problems. If you suffer from a major health problem, you sometimes need to do less physical exercise and really need to conserve your Chi so that your body may heal properly. You may engage in more physical exercises again when you feel better.

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