Different Kinds of Chi

Chi is as pervasive as air and like air it surrounds us and affects our health directly and indirectly.  Chi is the basis for traditional Chinese medicine and by extension, acupuncture Orlando.  Chi is the universal energy and the energy of the universe although our senses are ill-equipped to see,… Continue reading

Various Neck Pain Treatments in Overland Park

Neck pain can be suffered by everyone.  Babies, children and adults can all experience neck pain.  The aching, burning, stiff, tired and sharp sensation in the neck can impair you from accomplishing daily activities and make you miserable all day and night. Neck pain has many causes. Some of the… Continue reading

Insomnia and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Linwood

All people have had suffered from insomnia at some point in their life.  People suffering from insomnia may suffer from transient, acute or chronic insomnia.  To be able to treat insomnia with traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the practitioner must know what type of insomnia the patient is suffering from. Insomnia… Continue reading

Acupuncture Spokane and Natural Diet for Weight Loss

True, effective and lasting weight loss is everything the avid health conscious person is looking for nowadays.  Most overweight people want to lose weight to look good again while some seek to lose weight to become healthy and physically fit first of all.  Losing weight is an ego booster as… Continue reading

Treating Digestive Problems with Bellingham Acupuncture

The closer our lifestyle is with Nature, the healthier we become.  However, because of the fast life modern living entails, our body needs to cope with so many hazards to health.  The food we eat, for example, is a joke compared to the organic food eaten by people in less… Continue reading

Acupuncture Jacksonville Boosts Circulatory System Function

The human body is an amazing machine with various physiological systems working in coordination with each other.  Although they have each different function, the body systems can affect each other if there is a dysfunction in one or more body systems.  This article will focus on hoe acupuncture Louisville improves… Continue reading