Qi Gong And Essence Tai Chi Help Eliminate Blockages In The Body

There is an old Chinese wisdom that says, “A person is free from disease when life energy (Chi) freely moves along the meridians; when this flow is obstructed pain eventually follows.” In Chinese medicine, the smooth unobstructed flow of chi is a fundamental aspect of this system and reflects the… Continue reading

The Benefits That Tai Chi Has To Offer

One of the most wonderful things to sit and take notice of is to observe a practitioner of Tai Chi undergo a sequence of graceful, relaxed, and slow movements (which are also known as postures or forms). Observing one, as he/she moves in a slow controlled flow and hypnotic-like movement… Continue reading

What Is Cupping Massage Therapy?

Cupping massage could give you the benefits of deep tissue massage without the deep pressure. Cupping massage is different from conventional deep massage therapy that applies deep pressure to help disperse and eliminate scar tissue from adhesions and previous injuries due to the tensions of everyday daily living. cupping massage… Continue reading

Feng Shui Techniques To Attract Positive Energy In Your Workplace Or Home

Feng shui is one of the oldest forms of geomancy in the world and has been practiced in China for more than 3500 years. A Feng Shui expert should be able to determine the interaction between the environment the person dwells in and the person himself in order to bring… Continue reading

Deficient Chi And The Rise Of Autoimmune Diseases And Allergies

An out of balanced and weakened Chi can be a major contributor in the rise of autoimmune diseases and allergies. Autoimmune diseases are merely allergies against one-self. Some of these illnesses include fibromyalgia, CFIDS or chronic fatigue immune deficiency syndrome, endometriosis as a result of autoimmune ovaritis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Crohn’s… Continue reading

Feng Shui Tips With Singing Quartz Crystal Bowls to Attract Positive Energy

The ancient Chinese art of interior arrangements known as Feng Shui is an ideal way to manipulate energy and when utilized with singing quartz crystal bowls can help anyone pull in positive energy and good fortune in their life. The feng shui five elements are important factors in arranging your… Continue reading

Healthy Chinese Yoga Techniques For The Health Of Your Spleen

Chi kung, qi gong, or Chinese yoga, is a dynamic healing technique to dispel heat and dampness produced by the season of summer. Heat and dampness are conditions that develop in the body that can lead to health problems like digestive disorders, anxiety, depression, exacerbation of inflammatory conditions, and excessive… Continue reading