Feng Shui Tips With Singing Quartz Crystal Bowls to Attract Positive Energy

The ancient Chinese art of interior arrangements known as Feng Shui is an ideal way to manipulate energy and when utilized with singing quartz crystal bowls can help anyone pull in positive energy and good fortune in their life. The feng shui five elements are important factors in arranging your space properly to attain optimal results, and singing quartz crystal bowls can be effectively included in this procedure.

The Five Elements

Correct placement and balance of the feng shui five elements (water, earth, metal, fire, and wood) is essential for the right circulation of positive energy or chi in your place. Singing quartz crystal bowls are made up of three of these elements – water, earth, and metal, and they can be placed in different strategic locations to boost specific properties.

The element of metal element is related to both protection and wealth, and can be utilized to pull in more money and in safeguarding your space from negative elements. To enhance these energies, you need to place a bowl in the North, Northwest and Western parts of your space.

Another important element is Water which governs our abilities to liberate and let go, and in the governance of serenity, well-being, and life-force. It can also have a direct impact on the flow of your money. If you want to emphasize the positive effects of water, place a bowl in the Southeast, East, and North areas of your place.

The element of Earth symbolizes permanence, security, and stability and with its nurturing properties, also promotes long lasting and deep relationships. To best exploit earth energies, place a crystal bowl in the Center, Northwest, West, and Southwest areas of your space.

Other Beneficial Effects

With your ability to tune into specific notes, the tones of the crystal singing bowls themselves can be exploited in innovative ways to boost positive chi. For instance, when you place a bowl tuned to the F note (that’s directly associated with the heart chakra) in the area of your space associated with personal and non-personal relationships, it can help cultivate and positive connections with other people. The crystal’s material itself can also heal on its own since crystal is known to possess powerful clearing properties and positive chi. The beauty, color, and light of a crystal singing bowl can uplift the energy of any location regardless of where it’s placed. Singing quartz crystal bowls are powerful tools for balancing energy, and along with feng shui, users will be sure to have a powerful effect on their lives.

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