The Healing Power Of Tuina Massage Therapy

Used in China for at least 2,000 years, Tui na is an Oriental Bodywork technique that’s one of the major branches of TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine in Miami. Tui na is a term that was used in Chinese literature until the Ming dynasty (1368 to 1644) where it was… Continue reading

The Ins And Outs Of Auricular Acupuncture

Auricular acupuncture is a form of therapy that began in ancient China in 500 B. C. as part of the system of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Maitland.  It blossomed all over the world and a French medical doctor by the name of Paul Nogier, in 1957, who was trained in… Continue reading

The Power Of Natural Energy Healing

As more and more Americans are discovering the power of natural healing each day, a form of therapy that has been around for thousands of years but is only now being recognized for its ability to heal safely and effectively is energy healing. But what does it exactly heal and… Continue reading

Tui Na Massage Therapy For Children

As a less invasive alternative to acupuncture in Cleveland on broadway, there is an especially powerful type of Tui Na Massage that’s specifically used to treat children. It’s call Pediatric Tui Na and is a viable option for treating children because it has no negative side effects and is gentle… Continue reading

The Health Benefits Of Exercising Your Hands With Baoding Balls

Chinese Exercise Balls also called Baoding balls, Chinese Health Balls, or Chinese Therapy Balls are exercise tools invented during the Ming Dynasty in a small town in China, called Baoding, in the province of Heibei. These balls were once called Iron Balls in Baoding, because they initially were made from… Continue reading

Chinese Nutritional Therapy For Kidney Disease

Diet plays a key role in the nourishment of our daily lives. Unfortunately, we often tend not to take it seriously. The goal of Chinese nutritional therapy is to guide people towards good health by letting us know the right food to eat. One extremely chronic medical condition that requires… Continue reading

How Is Cupping Therapy Done?

Chinese Medicine has existed for around five millennia. One of its treatments, known as Cupping Therapy has also been practiced by the Egyptians and Arabs independent of Chinese influence thousands of years ago. The cups used in cupping therapy then were made of bronze, clay pottery, animal horn, or bamboo…. Continue reading