The Power Of Natural Energy Healing

As more and more Americans are discovering the power of natural healing each day, a form of therapy that has been around for thousands of years but is only now being recognized for its ability to heal safely and effectively is energy healing. But what does it exactly heal and does it really work? This is what this article will discuss.

Energy healing is a term that most people view with a bit of skepticism. Why? Because, it sounds new-agey, hokey, and science fiction-like. What kind of energy does energy healing use?

Energy is defined as the ability to exert force or the power to do work. However, there are other definitions of energy such as a robust ability for forceful exertion, rigorous activity, or the basic element of the universe. The confusion in defining what energy healing is due to the various definitions of what energy is. In this instance, it’s clear that energy equates to the robust ability for rigorous activity and/or the basic element of the universe. Oftentimes, healing is viewed as gaining back the health of the body from disease or illness. However, healing can also have different definitions. Those definitions may pertain to treating the body, the process in which the cells of the body repair damages, or the restoring of vital energy of the body. In each case, the definition of the words can help look at the subject in a different way.

Therefore, when defining energy healing, we mean restoring the robust ability of the body for rigorous activity. This is the most the logical definition of energy healing for it is a true way of helping people recover their natural health and strength.

The methods of energy healing may differ with how we view healing. Our point of view, often from a Western perspective, is practical, logical, and grounded on what we hear, touch, feel, and see. Instead of exploring another path to healing such as using music, color, imagination or breath or sensing without touching, we presume they won’t work based on our viewpoint of what healing method is. New and past studies have shown that these methods, which are based on sound, vibration, and electromagnetic energy, work. Since sound, vibration, and electromagnetic energy are things that we interact with every day, it may likely seem that they can also help us heal in certain ways. Based on awareness and creativity, people all over the world have created or discovered methods that use these simple everyday things to help us recover or maintain our health.

Ever heard of Tai Chi or qigong? Based on the aforementioned definition of energy healing, these two ancient practices may be designated into this category. People in various countries of the world use Tai Chi and/or qigong, oftentimes on a regular basis. Ever heard of Reiki or Therapeutic Touch? While not as well-known as qigong or Tai Chi, they are nonetheless just as effective in healing. There are other more obscure types of healing like bowen therapy, craniosacral therapy and hypnotherapy? While they may not be as famous Tai Chi, acupressure, or acupuncture in Miami, the very principle of these therapies is the same.

Each day, the healing community gets larger and larger with new techniques and methods formulated under the umbrella term of energy healing. Do they work? For the most part, yes. Some of these techniques are obviously spurious, but one must not assume that the others do not work. Therefore, the answer to the question does energy healing really work, the answer to that is an unequivocal yes!

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