Chinese Medicine Can Help Determine Whether You’re In A Positive or Negative Relationship

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas not only can help you with a myriad of physical maladies such as insomnia, backache, or arthritis, it also can help you resolve personal problems like the breakdown of a relationship. Don’t believe me? Then, read on. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can help bring back… Continue reading

What To Expect In An Acupuncture Treatment

If you haven’t tried acupuncture, you probably would be worried a bit if you learned that it involves the sticking needles into your skin. But if you’ve had the chance to talk to anyone who has tried it, they would say that despite the use of needles, acupuncture is actually… Continue reading

Women with Dysmenorrhea May Find Their Pain Completely Relieved with Acupuncture

For young women usually around the age of 12, they may experience dysmenorrhea for the first time. This is also the time when they usually experience their first menstruation. In about 50% of young women, dysmenorrhea may cause stomach discomfort, while 40% may suffer from extreme pain in the stomach,… Continue reading

Some Western Researchers Still Question The Safety and Efficacy of Acupuncture

More and more Americans are beginning to appreciate the usefulness of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine for the treatment of diseases where Western conventional medical treatments have proven ineffective. The treatments used by Traditional Chinese medical practitioners revolve on the mystical belief that a cosmic energy called chi, moves throughout… Continue reading

The Therapies, Herbs, and Benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Eastern alternative treatments (also termed integrated or complementary therapies) have continuously been adopted by standard medical institutions in the U.S. and other Western nations for the past several decades. A report released by the Medical University of South Carolina Department of Complementary-Alternative Medicine shows that based on a 2013 study… Continue reading

Certain Details You Need To Know About Acupuncture

Nowadays, we are offered several different forms of remedies and treatments for various types of conditions; some of them have proven to be quite effective while there are also those that do not really work well. More and more people are seeking natural and effective modes of treatment and the… Continue reading

Acupuncture Can Be Very Effective In Completely Treating Candidiasis

Candida is a type of yeast that’s not like the ones we associate with cooking bread or with the fermentation of wine or beer. Candida organisms thrive all over our environment. They can be found in beverages such as fruit juices, beer, and wine, in foods such as cheese and… Continue reading

Some of the Natural Health Alternatives to Cure Drug Addiction

While quite a number of therapeutic modalities are available to treat drug addiction, the use of natural therapies, combined with the treatment recommended for you will expedite recovery. Listed below are the six most powerful natural approaches in the treatment of drug addiction. Acupuncture Arguably the most ancient medical treatment… Continue reading

Studies Have Proven Beyond Doubt That Acupuncture Does Treat Anxiety

One may think acupuncture is only for new age people and tin foil hat conspiracy theorists who don’t trust Western medicine but a growing number of scientific research actually shows that acupuncture can treat a condition that affects everyone on some occasions: anxiety. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association… Continue reading