Traditional Tuina Herbal Preparations For A Wide Range Of Illnesses

Traditional Tuina herbal preparations can be allocated to the areas or points using the right procedures. These preparations are designed to protect the skin, decrease friction, and bolster the healing benefits of massage by means of their pharmaceutical actions. The chosen herbal preparations will depend on the type of disease…. Continue reading

What Is Traditional Chinese Bone-Setting Therapy?

Traditional Chinese bone-setting therapy relieves bone-related pain by using small splints, or by re-aligning, resetting, and stretching the bone to cure disarticulation, fractures and other locomotive disorders. These highly specific bone-setting methods have been used for over 3,000 years and play a huge role in Traditional Chinese Medicine. At the… Continue reading

The Importance Of Proper Body Alignment In Tai Chi

Alignment of the body pertains to the manner things are positioned internally. In Tai Chi, you learn to be aware of the alignment of your body and acquire optimal body alignment for whatever activity you’re doing at that time which is either in battle conditions or otherwise. Through the proper… Continue reading

The Techniques That Provide Chinese Remedial Massage

What do you know about Chinese remedial massage?  It is a form of massage that can provide a slew of remedies. What kind of remedies does it provide? The answers are as follows. Deep tissue therapy If you can tolerate a bit of discomfort, then this therapy is for you…. Continue reading

The Use Of Auricular Acupuncture And Phytotherapy In The Treatment Of Cancer Symptoms

The healing system known ear acupuncture or auricular acupuncture is based on the insertion of needles in the outer ear or auricle. Its ancient beginnings go back to classical antiquity of the people in the Mediterranean. The father of medicine, Hippocrates, wrote about the excoriations of the backside of the… Continue reading

The Benefits And Risks Of Auricular Acupuncture

Bellingham Ear acupuncture, also called auricular acupuncture, is an alternative form of therapy that’s becoming more and more well-known by the day. It involves the stimulation of acupuncture points in the auricle or outer ear in order to bring about a variety of therapeutic effects. While auricular acupuncture has been… Continue reading

Using Self-Acupressure To Eliminate Dark Circles And Eye Bags Under Your Eyes

The technique of self-acupressure can be a good way of reducing dark circles under the eyes or getting rid of eye bags. It is safe and natural. Below is a list of the things you should know about when using acupressure as a natural eye lift to eliminate eye bags…. Continue reading

What Is Chinese Gua Sha Facial Massage Therapy?

What if by massaging your face, could you get a smoother, firmer and more youthful appearance? Sounds like a really marvelous idea, isn’t it? Actually, facial gua sha therapies can really do that. Pronounced “gwa sha,” gua sha therapy is an age-old traditional Chinese medicine practice that’s been used to… Continue reading