The Importance Of Proper Body Alignment In Tai Chi

Alignment of the body pertains to the manner things are positioned internally. In Tai Chi, you learn to be aware of the alignment of your body and acquire optimal body alignment for whatever activity you’re doing at that time which is either in battle conditions or otherwise. Through the proper alignment of your body, many health conditions can be treated including shoulder, back, and neck pain and make you attain unprecedented levels of skill in your practice of Tai Chi.

When pushing a movable but heavy object, there’s an alignment through your body which, if proper all the way through, won’t give you a hard time moving the object. But if your body alignment is skewed, then your body mechanics are also improper and you would have a tough time moving the object.

You can practice being aware of your body’s alignment at all times through tai chi. But this practice is not just based on rules on how to stand and sit but rather on a true understanding of your body’s skeletal system. They include how the midsection should be positioned, how to align the spine correctly, how should the feet be placed for good knee health that uses the leg muscles and protects the ligaments and tendons, and how the knees ought to be aligned to the feet.

This comprehension of posture and alignment is necessary for the attainment of health. It can hinder the rise of problems such as back pain, neck pain, poor circulation, knee pain, headaches, and migraine among others. When one practices Tai Chi, they will learn how to properly move in a variety of whilst maintaining alignment and excellent posture the whole time.

One of the most common unreported health problems people suffer from is back pain. While back pain is occasionally caused by a traumatic event or an injury, it, more often than not, is caused by years of bad posture. Tai Chi helps us learn proper back alignment by taking us through a series of movements and forms whilst supporting a very straight back alignment at all times. This helps the Tai Chi student learn how to move in ways that promote proper alignment.

If body alignment is practiced appropriately, it will lead to increased bone density that in turn, can help prevent the elderly from falling. To derive this Tai Chi benefit, it’s important for the practitioner to align his upper body weight over his legs and relax his entire body in order for the weight of his body to bear down through the structure due to gravity. Through this, his thigh bone mass and density will increase over time and the strength and muscle mass of his entire leg will be strengthened.

Proper alignment of the back is also the basis for Tai Chi’s additional health benefits. Most of the time, students fail to reap the full benefits of tai chi because they do not practice the correct back alignment. They must first realize about what they’re trying to achieve in terms of body alignment and then practice the correct alignment into their exercise. This means that students need to pay close attention to their alignment when they do their Tai Chi set. They can then advance to higher levels of skill and progress in their exercise only after they have accomplished this.

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