Reaping The Benefits Of Falun Gong

Falun Gong is a holistic ‘cultivation practice’ to purify the body and mind. Also known as Falun Dafa, ‘cultivation’ is a proper word to denote the impact it has on the spirit, mind, and body since the activity entails effort on the part of the person practicing the system. You literally ‘cultivate’ traits like a garden, by sowing seeds of goodness and preventing that goodness to be affected by event or circumstances or. The goal of cultivation practices is to enhance vitality and physical health; the overall objective, is to completely the individual. The Falun Gong is made of five simple exercises.

Use veracity, empathy and tolerance as your guide.

At the core of Falun Gong are the principles of truthfulness, compassion and tolerance. As your practice progresses, you will learn how to use these three virtues as a barometer to see how react to the everyday situations you encounter in your everyday activities, work environment, and family life. Since the cultivation process espouses self-awareness or reflection, an individual person can overcome selfishness, desires, and addictions the natural way. The process of cultivation cleanses your physical body and makes you more benevolent.

Can Anyone Practice Falun Gong?

Yes, anyone can practice Falun Gong. This way of life is practiced by around a hundred million people in practically every country around the world.

Practitioners range from kids as young as four to seniors who come from all walks of life. Readily available to newbies and veterans alike, the practice of Falun Gong also embraces people who are suffering from illnesses or others who are not at the best of health. The only prerequisite for learning Falun Gong is that you are free of mental illness and have a strong mind. This is crucial since learners should be in complete control of their consciousness.

The Incredible Health Benefits of Falun Gong

Falun Gong can help stimulate the development of your moral character, also known as your heart and mental nature. This is why light physical exercises and meditation are included in it. The concept of developing the heart includes a letting-go process from attachments. In releasing attachments such as fear, anger, and jealousy, you become more compassionate and benevolent. The process of freeing sentiments goes through several levels and is a path to steady learning. Everything in life becomes lighter, once you learn to treat those attachments and sentiments more lightly.

Based on the Eastern concept of illnesses, obstructed energy channels [meridians] hinder the movement of, giving rise to illness. This is exacerbated by the burdens stresses of life, more so due to karma. By just practicing Falun Gong and other cultivation techniques practice like can you bring back the balance of energy to the body and thus relieve an ailment.

Falun Gong Transcends Well-being and Health

Falun Gong exercises benefits both your mind and body. It also brings about peace of mind and mental clarity, alleviates stress, infuses energy, and promotes health. If a person can cultivate his mind based on these principles, setting aside physical problems, dramatic and meaningful dramatic improvements are likely to arise. Anecdotal evidence of the benefits of Falun Gong abound. Reports of its amazing healing effects can be heard from virtually every practitioner and people who have vicariously experienced it.

Exercises work on one level

The gentle movements of the five exercises are very easy to learn and complement each other. You can master the simple easy movements of all the five exercises in just an hour. As the first exercise eliminates energy obstructions and makes the meridians accessible to the flow of energy within the body, the second exercise bolsters wisdom and develops endurance. The body is cleansed during the third exercise and the fourth exercises allows the flow of energy through the Great Heavenly Circuit meridian, the primary meridian of the body. These four exercises are performed in a standing position, while the fifth exercise is a meditating, which is done in a sitting positon. This encourages the conversion of your karma and reinforces your divine powers.

Falun Gong is not a short cut for the treatment of diseases but those who have gained benefits from practicing it did not achieve them due to a firm desire to have their sickness cured. Although several have joined searching for a ‘quick fix’ before they learned the concepts of Falun Gong, it was only when once they began practicing and cultivating the loftier principles of this practice did the question of health and disease fall by the wayside.

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