Using Feng Shui To Cleanse Your Abdomen & Spleen

The spleen has always been the subject of humor and denigration in Western literature; in Western medicine, it is mostly ignored. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Feng Shui in Bellmore give value to the spleen as the organ in charge of supporting the immune system. The spleen is the largest… Continue reading

Feng Shui Principles For Your Office Space That Improve Your Health And Make You Work Effectively

If you spend a lot of time in your office or simply work from home, then atmosphere you create within this space can dramatically affect your energy level and personal health. The heart of productivity is the office, so you want to make sure that the area has an uplifting… Continue reading

Feng Shui Techniques To Attract Positive Energy In Your Workplace Or Home

Feng shui is one of the oldest forms of geomancy in the world and has been practiced in China for more than 3500 years. A Feng Shui expert should be able to determine the interaction between the environment the person dwells in and the person himself in order to bring… Continue reading

Feng Shui Tips With Singing Quartz Crystal Bowls to Attract Positive Energy

The ancient Chinese art of interior arrangements known as Feng Shui is an ideal way to manipulate energy and when utilized with singing quartz crystal bowls can help anyone pull in positive energy and good fortune in their life. The feng shui five elements are important factors in arranging your… Continue reading

In Feng Shui, Balance Of Yin And Yang Is Needed To Obtain Optimal Health

From the viewpoint of feng shui, health can have many aspects. Health encompasses more than just physicality because in all aspects of our lives, we long to be healthy. In human evolution, healthy relationships, a healthy self image, and a healthy mind are all higher states of being and thus… Continue reading

The Important Role Of Yin And Yang In Feng Shui

From a Chinese perspective, Yin and Yang essentially means that we live in an ever-changing world. By applying the fundamentals of these two opposite energies, we can describe and understand the qualities of change that go on around us and within us. These qualities underlie all traditional Chinese practices which… Continue reading