In Feng Shui, Balance Of Yin And Yang Is Needed To Obtain Optimal Health

From the viewpoint of feng shui, health can have many aspects. Health encompasses more than just physicality because in all aspects of our lives, we long to be healthy. In human evolution, healthy relationships, a healthy self image, and a healthy mind are all higher states of being and thus are highly sought after. Balance, which is one of the most important factors of health, can be attained in many ways through various means. In the physical aspect, our bodies need a balance of rest and activity. We require silence and stimulation in the mental aspect. It is Yin and Yang at play with Yin being the feminine, receptive, nurturing and Yang being the male, action oriented outgoing energy. In both genders, both energies are required in order to live. We need to do this so that we can experience optimal health in all areas of our life.

The area of health of the bagua is found at the very center and is epitomized by the Yin & Yang, the symbol of balance. Because the area of health is the foundation for a healthy life, it is deserving of our attention. It encompasses all of the other areas. The area of health is also the location of where you can work on life situations not directly addressed by the other eight areas. The balance of every aspect of our life is affected by health so therefore, it is important to improve it. Without our health, it may be difficult to express your creativity, have supportive relationships and a thriving career, and create the energy to attract abundant prosperity in our life.

Anyone can actually improve their health in every part of the bagua. There is a corresponding body part for each area of the bagua and if you are experiencing any problems in your body, you can avail of cures or enhancements in the parts concerned in order to heal the physical body.

o The foot is governed by a Happy Family
o The hand is governed by Knowledge and Self Cultivation
o All major organs of the body are governed by Love/Marriage/Relationship
o The hip is governed by Abundance/ Prosperity
o The head is governed by Travel/Helpful People
o The eye is ruled by Reputation/ Fame
o The mouth is ruled or governed by Children/Creativity
o The Ear is governed by Life Path/Career
o The rest of the body parts are governed by Health

For the area of health, the element is stable, balanced earth, grounded, and earth. The shape is horizontal, flat, or square and the color is earth tones or yellow. In the creative cycle, fire creates Earth so in this area, candles and the color red work very well. In the destructive cycle, earth is pierced by Wood so it may be a good idea to avoid tall tree like plants and the color green. It’s fine to bring in plants having round leaves and since the soil they are planted in is earth, they can be a great improvement for this area. The area of health can be enhanced by bringing in things made of pottery, earth, crystals, slate tile, which may also be square.

Right in the middle of your home is where the area of health is and depending on your floor plan can make it a bit tricky to work with. Use a table against the closest wall in which you can place cures or enhancements if this is an open area. Intention is important and all areas flow into each other. If health area in your house has a staircase you can place on the staircase wall a number of paintings with the earth element in them.

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