QI Gong Promotes Greater States Of Youthfulness Physically And Mentally

One of the most effective tools for nourishing longevity and staying young is Qi gong. But how does it work?

Qi Gong Can Increase Suppleness and Internal Strength

Qi Gong does not work in the same manner as traditional western exercise. It does more. Qi gong instructs the energy of the body to stimulate the internal organs to perpetuate youthful appearance and foster balanced health.

For example, according to the Chinese medicine system, the spleen is believed to control the muscles of the body. Specially designed qi gong movements can invigorate the spleen organ and its connected energy channels. So, when you perform movements that help the spleen, your facial muscles can become more youthful preventing winkles and enhancing the suppleness of the skin and (especially on the face).

Since qi gong also involves deep breathing techniques, you inhale larger amounts of oxygen that enter into your bloodstream which help revitalize the cells of your internal organs.

Finally, the qi gong movements can nourish the energy of your kidneys. The kidney is where your jing or essential energy is stored. Your jing is responsible for your youthfulness and when it is revitalized it can restore your youthful appearance. We can see many qi gong masters whose appearance seems to be untouched by time because they have strong kidneys.

Qi gong Generates Youthful Brain Cells

University of California at Irvine researchers discovered that a stronger pumping of blood occurred in the brain of qi gong masters when their qi is discharged.

The stronger pumping of blood in the brain of course means more nutrients are received by the brain cells. This can help prevent mental and cognitive impairment related to aging such as dementia. So, performing qi gong can lead to a vibrant and young mind and brain.

Qi Gong Can Stop the Premature Aging of the Body

Qi gong also can lead to greater states of relaxation which can help prevent or reduce the risk of stress-related health conditions like immunity imbalances, high blood pressure, and premature graying.

Qi Gong Resolves and Manages Conditions that Cause Aging in the Body

Qi gong circle walking can be an effective healing tool for people who have cancer. It can also help prevent premature aging and cellular break down. Researchers at Stanford University used a special kind of circle walking to help rejuvenate and bring about states of relaxation to help heal patients with cancer.

Qi gong Nourishes Both the Body and Spirit

By means of movement and meditation Qi Gong can establish a connection with a higher power.

Doctors at the University of California performed a study that showed the immune system can be strengthened by performing spiritual practices.

As a form of spiritual practice qi gong, can therefore play a role in maintaining the balance of your immune system which prevents the rise of rheumatoid arthritis and other conditions related aging.

Qi Gong Can Promote Youthful Bones

There are two ways Qi gong nourishes the bones. First, it reinforces the kidney organs, which in the Chinese medicine system is believed to govern the bones. This means that qi gong can help bones heal faster and protect against osteoporosis and degeneration. It also creates movements that have an isometric strengthening impact on fascia and bones.

To summarize, by fostering greater spiritual and mental balance and by nourishing the bone and muscle systems and the internal organs, qi gong can definitely bring about a state of youthfulness in people.

Steven Goldfarb is a licensed acupuncture doctor and the medical director of Goldfarb Chiropractic and Acupuncture Center in West Orange, NJ.

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