Acupressure Can Be A Natural Treatment For Depression

One in ten people will suffer from depression at some point in life. This condition can affect anyone even, children. Most of the time, we aren’t aware that we’re suffering from depression, and if it happens to rise,it disrupts our normal lives,especially if it’snot promptly addressed. Depression can come with… Continue reading

The Five Phases/Elements And Their Corresponding Organs Seasons And Flavors

The Five Phases, better known as the Five Elements, are facets of Chi. They are Water, Metal, Earth, Fire, and Wood. In the elegant language of the Five Phases, health is a balance of harmony of all the phases/elements and the Chi of these phases/elements ebbs and tides in daily… Continue reading

Auricular Acupuncture Can Eliminate Your Nicotine Addictions Permanently

If you’ve tried curing yourself with nicotine gum and patches in to order to quit smoking for good, without success then it’s time to try a new strategy that more powerful than these weak and temporary solutions. This treatment is called auricular acupuncture or ear acupuncture. It’s uncommon that a… Continue reading

Jing, One Of Taoism’s Three Treasures

The Three Treasures (sometimes called the Three Jewels) – Shen, Chi, and Jing – are energies developed through the discipline of Tantric Qigong (Chi Gong, Chi Kung), Tibetan disciplines, certain Tibetan and Yoga practices. Jing (Ching), and T’ai Chi. Shen, Chi (Qi), and Jing can be also referred to as… Continue reading

Auricular Acupuncture, An Alternative Treatment for ADHD/ADD

Prescribed pharmacological medications are simply symptomatic and are not intended to treat the causes of bodily conditions. And when they are prescribed to young children with ADD/ADHD, they tend to suffer from their undesirable and unwanted side effects. This article will deal with a novel holistic approach that combines the… Continue reading

Acupressure Therapy For A Healthy Great-Looking Skin

Many people are already aware of the effects of using acupressure. Using it on a daily basis to relieve congestions, cold and stress in the body really works! However, this technique not only works on the body parts and internal organs. It also not only helps decrease muscle tension and… Continue reading

Instead Of Going Through Medically Invasive Procedures Why Not Try Acupressure To Induce Labor

Studies and research have started to get a bad name simply because advertisers have begun using those terms in disreputable ways. The true science, hence real clinical research, has been clear about a lot of and treatments; using acupressure to induce labor is definitely one of them and the studies… Continue reading

A Brief Introduction To Traditional Chinese Medicine

The various movements in Tai Chi movements can help reinvigorate certain organs in your body. For example, if you have heart issues, one option is to repeat the Brush Knee & Push movement several times to both right and left. In this manner can tai chi affect the body mainly… Continue reading