A Brief Introduction To Traditional Chinese Medicine

The various movements in Tai Chi movements can help reinvigorate certain organs in your body. For example, if you have heart issues, one option is to repeat the Brush Knee & Push movement several times to both right and left. In this manner can tai chi affect the body mainly because it follows the wisdom and knowledge that have been accumulated in TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

An ancient medical system of diagnosis and treatment, TCM is over 4000 years old and is based on ancient medical texts. Over these years, the original knowledge in this medical system has been develop further resulting in the TCM that is practiced today, which is an integrated medical science that is able to help sick people in many different ways in the West and in the other parts of the world.

Acupuncture and Tai Chi

Acupuncture in Saratoga Springs

The human being exists as an entity within the concept of traditional Chinese medicine, which ought to be in mental and physical violence in relation to its environment.If this balance is displaced with imbalance, the result would be sickness and pain. Acupuncture is just one albeit a major branch of TCM, in which TCM doctors utilize more than 2000 herbs as well as their known effects on the person, coupled with a thorough system of diagnosis that determine and embrace all known types of diseases. TCM utilizes sophisticated method of feeling the pulse whereby the problems involving the inner organs can be accurately determined.

The diagnosis system

What connects the system of traditional Chinese medicine is the method of diagnosis. The the chance of a very accurate diagnosis in relation to herbal medicine may be the most interesting. We now have some understanding about the effects of various herbs on health conditions – but this knowledge is fortuitous, more or less. Traditional Chinese medicine doctors, on the other hand,through many years of experience and research, have succeeded to identify the single herbs in association with the diagnosis system. Thus, in TCM, It is possible completely prepare an individual herbal formula for each type of sickness.

A TCM physician makes his diagnosis based on a very thorough conversation with the patient as well as the use of pulse and tongue examination. They can form a picture of the illness by comparing all this information and its unique characteristics, and thus prescribed the appropriate treatment using one or more of the modalities offered by traditional Chinese medicine.

In traditional Chinese medicine, there are over a thousand medical herbs that can be used by herbalists.


Mainly used for treating imbalances in various parts of the body, acupuncture is very effective in treating physical ailments such as sprains, back pain and muscle pain among others. However, it can also be used to heal inner illnesses. Nowadays, he can see acupuncture being practiced by people Europe, the US and other parts of the world although really skilled treatment through herbal medicine is only still available in some parts of the world.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine was developed parallel to each other. All through the entire training of TCM physicians, the course on the use and effects of herbal medicine is combined with the training of acupuncture therapy.

TCM doctors have researched and tested the effects of thousands of herbs on the body for over 4000 years. Over time, they were able to come up with special herbal compounds in prescriptions that have the ability to heal different types of illnesses, and over time, TCM and herbal medicine combined into one major system of healing.

Acupuncture treatment often demands several sessions with intervals of a few days. Chinese herbal medicine intern can attain a constant effect on the health of a person for a longer period of time. For several illnesses, the clinical herbal treatment will be direct and far more effective. For example, it is often very effective in the treatment of rheumatism, skin problems, asthma, allergies, and problems involving the stomach and internal organs.

The use of herbal medicine

The reason for the use of herbal medicine is often based on the needs and symptoms manifested by the patient.Herbal medical treatment is very personalized, as the herbs always combine together based on each single case.

In China, there are thousands of herbal pharmacies where patients can hand in their prescription to and herbalists, and take home a plastic bag filled with dried herbs. The patient can then make a decoction out of the herbs. One does not use all herbs for practical reasons, but rather a powder that has been freeze-dried. Before the herbs are used for medicine, they are prepared in various ways. This is done in China, while the conversion to powder is done in Taiwan. But all in all, the method is exactly the same. The patient acquires the herbal powder, mixes it into boiling water and drinks it as tea.

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