Qi Gong And Boosting The Circulation In Your Body

There’s an ancient Chinese proverb that says: “If you have congestion in the nose, your lung is unhealthy.” Each organ in the Chinese medical system needs to be balanced so that the vital energy of the body, called Chi, can interlink with the other organs and enable the entire body… Continue reading

Qi-Gong Cures Mental And Emotional Problems By Balancing And Unblocking The Flow Energy In Your Body

Chi Kung, more popularly known as Qi-gong is a combination of two words that mean: • Qi: vital energy breath, air • Gong: work The meaning of Qi-gong therefore is “working the vital energy”. Qi-gong practices involve visualization gentle body movements, and breathing techniques to activate the vital energy inside… Continue reading

Qi Gong And Essence Tai Chi Help Eliminate Blockages In The Body

There is an old Chinese wisdom that says, “A person is free from disease when life energy (Chi) freely moves along the meridians; when this flow is obstructed pain eventually follows.” In Chinese medicine, the smooth unobstructed flow of chi is a fundamental aspect of this system and reflects the… Continue reading

Qi Gong Is Used By Millions All Over The World As A Way To Relieve Everyday Stress

What makes Qigong different among all the stress-reducing techniques? In English, Qigong means spirit achievement. Qigong is a simple and natural series of exercises process that’s designed to strengthen the mind and body. In Western countries, it became a very popular form of exercises due to its easy to perform… Continue reading

QI Gong Promotes Greater States Of Youthfulness Physically And Mentally

One of the most effective tools for nourishing longevity and staying young is Qi gong. But how does it work? Qi Gong Can Increase Suppleness and Internal Strength Qi Gong does not work in the same manner as traditional western exercise. It does more. Qi gong instructs the energy of… Continue reading